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Even if you are on a strict weight watch and working hard towards that beach body, make sure your cheat day falls on National Penuche Fudge Day. The sweet light-brown concoction will make it worth your while! Penuche is a flavor native to New England, but its caramel-like goodness has earned the treat nationwide respect – so much so that it got its own day in the calendar!

Penuche stands apart from its fudge relatives mainly because it is based on brown rather than white sugar. This gives it its characteristic color and texture and makes it lighter than classic fudges. Confectioners often add other ingredients to penuche, most famously pecans, walnuts, or raisins, in order to enhance its texture and taste. Feel free to whip up a batch yourself if you cannot find a local bakery which dispenses the golden brown treat and celebrate National Penuche Fudge Day with a yummy bite!

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Fri Jul 22nd, 2022
Fri Jul 22nd, 2022
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