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Brrr. It’s cold, colder and coldest! As most of the northern hemisphere of the planet tends to experience a very cold snap of winter weather during this time of the year, right in the middle of the winter months, it can often feel so cold that it seems even hell might be freezing over!

History of Hell is Freezing Over Day

In honor of what are some of the coldest feeling days of the year for many people who live in northern places, Hell is Freezing Over Day is here so that everyone can share in the misery together.

It’s true that it doesn’t always help to complain because it certainly isn’t going to change anything, but sometimes it makes a difference to remember that no one is alone and everyone feels like hell is actually freezing over. So get ready to enjoy the day as much as possible and celebrate the fact that winter won’t actually last forever!

How to Celebrate Hell is Freezing Over Day

Whether it’s an actual snow day where everyone is stuck inside – or they just wish they were – Hell is Freezing Over Day is the time to make the most of the terrible winds and frigid temperatures by participating in some activities. Enjoy the day with some of these ideas for celebrating:

Commiserate with Others About the Cold

Hell is Freezing Over Day is the time to talk with those around you, like coworkers or neighbors, about how cold it is. It’s okay today to simply kvetch about the snow that won’t melt, the sun that won’t shine or the frost on the windows that seems like it will never go away.

It might even be fun to hear stories, particularly from the older ones in the group, about the coldest times they remember. Whether it’s the Great Appalachian Storm of 1950, the Blizzard of ‘76, or the 1993 Storm of the Century, it might be interesting to call up a grandparent, aunt or uncle to hear stories of how people coped during some of the coldest times!

Take a Day Off for Hell is Freezing Over Day

Even if it’s not technically a snow day, make one yourself! Call off of work, keep the kids home from school, and take a day just to enjoy one another’s company and celebrate the joy of staying in.

Hell is Freezing Over Day would also be a great time to snuggle up by a fire in the fireplace, turn off the wifi and unplug from electronics and devices. Spend the day doing family activities such as working on puzzles, baking cookies or reading a book together.

Learn Other Fun Idioms

“When hell freezes over” is an idiom of extreme proportions that is a sarcastic way of saying something will never actually happen. Some other ways that these phrases of improbability are used in the English language include:

  • When pigs fly
  • The twelfth of never
  • On a cold day in hell
  • Not in a million years

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