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Holistic medicine has grown in popularity over recent years but many people will not have considered it in terms of the way they go about treating their pets with veterinary care. But just like a variety of aspects of life, when it comes to pet care, it may be a healthy step to move toward something that is more natural in scope.

History of National Holistic Pet Day

Holistic Pet Day was set up to try and bring more publicity to the idea that holistic treatments, where a pet’s lifestyle, diet and environment are fully considered, are more beneficial for their temporary health and also impacting their longevity. Using holistic treatments is said to improve nutrition, increase a pet’s energy and it may even have the power to cure some chronic conditions that many pets face.

National Holistic Pet Day was started by Colleen Paige from the Animal Miracle Foundation to encourage owners to look at all issues that could impact on the welfare of their pets. Paige has been the catalyst behind a number of days that are meant to support and raise awareness for pet health and appreciation.

Some of the other days associated with Coleen Paige include National Puppy Day in March, National Wildlife Day in September and many other delightful days that are certainly worth celebrating!

How to Celebrate National Holistic Pet Day

Love your pet a little better by celebrating National Holistic Pet Day and implementing some of these healthy and important ideas:

Attend a National Holistic Pet Day Event

Some holistic veterinary doctors or hospitals might take the opportunity on this day to host events such as an open house, educational lecture, or other event that is great for pet owners to understand the benefits of a more holistic lifestyle.

If there are no set events to commemorate National Holistic Pet Day, it can still be used as an annual opportunity to promote holistic treatments with press articles as well as support from a variety of different animal organizations.

Visit a Holistic Vet

Of course, on National Holistic Pet Day, the perfect way to observe the day is to learn more about holistic care for a pet and then make an appointment to visit a holistic vet. The end of the summer months is a great time to get the dog, cat or other pet into the doctor’s office to make sure they are healthy. Get a weight check, make sure they are protected from worms or other diseases, and get advice on other ways to implement more natural practices into their lives.

Try Some Holistic Pet Tips

Celebrating National Holistic Pet Day doesn’t have to be super difficult or complicated. In fact, it can all come down to just making a few simple changes in a pet’s life to allow them to thrive much better in their life. Try out some of these holistic ideas for a pet:

  • Optimize Diet

    Many diseases can be prevented by taking good care of the gut biome and boosting the immune system. For pets, this means carefully selecting the pet food that is recommended by a holistic veterinarian.

  • Try Probiotics

    Dogs and cats can have a number of issues that develop in the gut. Cut these off at the pass by being proactive and giving the pet oral probiotics that boost the healthy bacteria that live in a pet’s intestines.

  • Take Care of Oral Health

    Some pet owners do not realize how important oral health is to the care of their dog or cat. Brush Rover’s teeth regularly and make sure they get checked on their normal vet checkups.

  • Get Plenty of Exercise

    Pets need lots of fresh air and exercise. Without it, pets can be at risk of obesity and other issues. So celebrate National Holistic Pet Day by taking that little guy out for a walk!

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