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Even though it happens to everyone at some point, the idea of dying can be very difficult to deal with. Hospice care is a branch of medical service that offers assistance to those who are in the last season of their life, providing comfort and care to the patient as well as their family members and loved ones.

Hospice Care Week is here to raise awareness for the importance of this type of care, as well as to shed light on the challenges and needs that are represented in the industry.

History of Hospice Care Week

Hospice care got its start in the United Kingdom in the mid-1960s, when physicians began exploring ways that it was possible to improve the process of dying. This seminal work was done particularly in collaboration with Yale University in the United States. Over the next several decades, hospice care centers began popping up all over the country and today there are more than 200 such centers all over the UK.

Hospice Care Week was established to show appreciation for the work that is done in the area of dying well. Medical providers, counselors, social workers and volunteers are all part of observing this week, as well as the family members and friends of patients who have been supported by hospice care at one time or another.

The week is set to coincide with another important event, World Hospice and Palliative Care Day, which takes place on October 14, which got its start in 2006.

Each year, Hospice Care Week is celebrated with a unique theme, including concepts like the 2023 theme that focuses on staff relationships: We Are Hospice Care.

How to Celebrate Hospice Care Week

Looking for ideas or opportunities to observe Hospice Care Week? Get started with some of these:

Go Yellow for Hospice Care Week

One of the ways that Hospice Care Week is raising awareness and funds to support their work is through the “Go Yellow” program. Individuals and companies can get involved and participate by wearing yellow – dressing in yellow from head to toe is best! Other options include donning a yellow shirt, yellow hat or even a bright yellow wig. Colleagues can pay to enter a Go Yellow contest to raise even more support.

Sign Up to Volunteer at a Hospice Care Center

Those who are interested in helping out in the long term may want to take Hospice Care Week as an opportunity to sign up to volunteer. The needs will vary in different centers, from providing companionship to those who are toward the end of their lives as well as providing services such as office work, fund raising, community outreach, events organization and much more.

Call or stop by a local hospice care center to find out more about the ways that volunteers help to keep these centers running and serving members of the community at such an important time of their lives.

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