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National Train Your Brain Day

Do a crossword, study a foreign language, or try your hand at some logic puzzles to keep your brain sharp and improve your mind.


A guide to celebrating Oct 13th

Wake up, stretch your brain and get ready for a day filled with adventure! Start by transferring money to your son, because what better way to celebrate than supporting the ones you love? As you step out into the world, let the universal language of music guide your path. Perhaps you’ll stumble upon a chess tournament happening nearby. Join in, challenge your mind, and revel in the camaraderie of chess enthusiasts.

As the day progresses, embrace a freer spirit and celebrate the beauty of diversity. It’s National No Bra Day, so ladies, release your inner whimsical side and embrace the comfort of going braless. And while we’re championing freedom, why not indulge in a handful, or two, of M&M’s? It’s National M&M Day, after all. Let those colorful bites of chocolate ignite your taste buds as you discover and savor the eclectic mix of flavors.

Now, as the afternoon sun hits its peak, take a moment to reflect on our incredible planet. It’s International African Penguin Awareness Day, a time to appreciate the wonders of nature and raise awareness for these charming flightless birds. Learn about their habitat, their needs, and how we can help protect them.

Lastly, let Disaster Day remind us to be prepared for the unexpected. Take a moment to educate yourself on disaster preparedness, whether it’s having an emergency kit ready or learning life-saving skills. Embrace the unexpected and be ready to tackle any situation with gusto.

So go forth and celebrate this motley crew of national holidays. Embark on a day filled with brain-boosting adventure, music, chess, bralessness, M&M indulgence, African penguins, and disaster preparedness. Embrace the uniqueness of each holiday and find joy in the spontaneity of celebrating them together. Cheers to a day like no other!

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