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Have something to say but looking to express it with a poetic verse, a cartoon or a silly little joke? Then there’s bound to be a card to suit the occasion! Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day offers a chance to thank the unsung heroes who somehow find the right words to express the myriad of feelings held by folks from all walks of life.

History of Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day

The history of sending greetings in a message may go back as far as Ancient China when the New Year was celebrated. Ancient Egyptians are also believed to have sent greetings to one another written on papyrus. And the first greeting cards in Europe are thought to have been sent in Germany back in the 15th century. At the time, the cards would have been handmade and personalized with artwork, poetic verse or both, including cards for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays like Valentine’s Day.

The first commercial Christmas card made its debut in London, England in 1843 when an artist was hired by Sir Henry Cole to design greeting cards to be sent to friends and family. Not long after that, publishing firms began selling elaborately decorated greeting cards.

Today, it is estimated that around 170 billion cards are sent all over the world each year. While some of these greeting cards are blank and the sender may fill in the words they want to say, most cards have pre-written verses, jokes or other greetings already printed on the front and inside the card. The modest people who write all the poems and messages are usually anonymous but now, thanks to Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day, they have been given a special day to honor their talents.

How to Celebrate Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day

Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day is a delightful time to show appreciation for all of the poets, joke writers and other folks in the world who pen the words that appear on greeting cards. Celebrate the day with some of these ideas:

Hug a Greeting Card Writer

This action may only be appropriate for those who actually know a greeting card writer personally, whether a friend or family member. Of course, publishers of greeting cards and employers of greeting card writers can certainly take the day to show appreciation for and celebrate these word-smiths, even if they don’t really want to be hugged by their boss or coworkers!

Write Your Own Greeting Cards

It might be fun to celebrate Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day by signing up for a course in how to create your own greeting cards, or entering a contest on the theme. A little online search might show all sorts of opportunities for budding freelance writers to get their verses or message published.

For those who are a bit more motivated, it could even be possible to start a new greeting card company! With the advances in technology, self-publishing is a much simpler and do-able process. Combine some verses or jokes with delightful artwork, print them on card stock, and sell them at craft fairs, local artisan shows and more.

Send a Greeting Card

One way to support those who work as greeting card writers might be to take a trip to the local drugstore or department store and purchase some greeting cards to send to loved ones. From birthdays and anniversaries to Get Well Soon and Just Because cards, a greeting card is a great way to let someone know how much they are loved and appreciated.

Visit a Greeting Card Museum

In celebration of Hug a Greeting Card Writer Day, it could be fun to visit a museum that has a display featuring vintage greeting and holiday cards. Try out the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, or the online Postcard and Greeting Card Museum.

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