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Show some love and appreciation for the slow, steady and classic breeze that an energy-efficient ceiling fan brings to homes and offices throughout the world by celebrating National Ceiling Fan Day!

History of National Ceiling Fan Day

Originally operated manually by a cord, the first ceiling fans date back to around 500 BC and were made from large leaves mounted to the ceiling that would be moved back and forth to provide a gentle flow of air. Water powered rotary ceiling fans were developed in the 1860s and by 1882 the first electric powered ceiling fan was engineered. Commercial success of these fans meant that by the 1920s, ceiling fans were commonplace in the US and even made some international gains.

The advent of air conditioning subverted the influence of the ceiling fan and it took a back seat by the 1960s. However, with recognition of the need for energy conservation, the ceiling fan has begun to come back into popularity. And National Ceiling Fan Day is here to celebrate that fact!

Since its start in 2013, National Ceiling Fan Day has been observed by those in the production and sales of the ceiling fan industry, as well as those consumers who simply appreciate the benefits that ceiling fans bring to their lives.

How to Celebrate National Ceiling Fan Day

Enjoy and celebrate the gentle impact that ceiling fans have by observing National Ceiling Fan Day with some of these ideas:

Invest in Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans

Take some time in honor of National Ceiling Fan Day to consider ways that homes and offices can be made more energy efficient with a modernized ceiling fan. Choose models with different features such as remote controls, LED lighting and more. And, of course, on top of the priority list of a new ceiling fan should be the energy efficiency, or energy star certification rating, that indicates efficiency that is up to 60% lower than traditional ceiling fans. Save money, reduce the environmental impact and be comfortable at the same time!

Learn Some Benefits of Ceiling Fans 

Not convinced that ceiling fans deserve their own day of celebration? That’s okay! Check out some of these facts on National Ceiling Fan Day to become more aware of the ways that ceiling fans can bring a number of benefits to individuals, families, businesses and more:

  • Ceiling fans consume less energy

    Compared to any air conditioner, ceiling fans consume 47% less in homes and offices.

  • Ceiling fans provide a steady breeze

    Running a ceiling fan on low helps to keep the air moving, keeping the home comfortable and airy while assisting with reducing unwanted spots of humidity or moisture.

  • Ceiling fans operate quietly

    In comparison to many air conditioners or blade fans, ceiling fans run very smoothly with very little noise.

  • Ceiling fans have a zero footprint

    Unlike a box fan or tower fan, ceiling fans take up absolutely no usable space in the home, since they are installed on the ceiling where nothing else can exist anyway.

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