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The relationship between humans and animals goes back as far as human history and beyond! As cohabitors of the planet, animals and humans share resources and, ideally, offer mutually beneficial ways to exist.

However, because humans are at the top of the animal kingdom, there are times when care is not taken to treat animals as well as they deserve. Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week (HARA) is all about improving human knowledge in order to improve the lives of the animals we all love and need, building communities that are more humane and compassionate.

History of Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week

Human-Animal Relationship Awareness Week was launched in 2016 by the Animals & Society Institute, which is a non-profit scholarly organization whose purpose is to expand knowledge around the relationships between people and animals. In addition, the group seeks to develop resources in the field of study between humans and animals, all while working to prevent cruelty and violence toward animals.

HARA works to improve the lives of animals while advancing the way they are related to and treated by people all over the world. The desire for Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week is to draw attention to the plight of animals, offering education and improved resources to build a better relationship for the future.

How to Celebrate Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week

Looking for ideas on how to observe Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week? Get on board by making plans to celebrate and considering some of these ideas:

Attend Human Animal Relationship Week Events

A variety of organizations and partners of the Animals & Society Institute seek to hold events this week that will be educational and supportive for the community. In addition, each year during the celebration, the Animals & Society Institute offers a number of different related readings from their managed journals that are offered with open access. This allows anyone to get more access to information and education surrounding the subject during Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week!

Show a Pet Some Extra Appreciation

Animals offer a wide range of opportunities for individuals and families to have a mutually beneficial relationship. Pets can be beneficial to humans in a variety of ways, including by providing companionship, protection, mutual respect and much more. In honor of Human Animal Relationship Week, consider ways to give a pet some added love, attention and appreciation for the ways that they offer so many benefits and make the world a better place.

Help Out an Animal Shelter

Those who don’t keep their own pets or have access to spending time with animals during this week can still certainly be part of celebrating observing Human Animal Relationship Awareness Week! A great way to do this might be to learn a bit more about the animal rescue shelters in the local area and then find ways to help. Whether it is making a donation of financial help or pet food, or signing up to be a volunteer to care for and clean animals, or perform administrative duties at the shelter, help is often needed!

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