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The United States defines up to 10,000 different areas as state parks. State parks protect more than 14 million acres of landscape, ranging from coastal beaches to forests, sandy deserts to swampland.

In addition, state parks provide local residents with opportunities for recreation, access to clean and safe green spaces, educational arenas, and much more.

I Love My State Parks Week exists to bring people together all over the country, encourage the use of state parks, and support the services they provide.

So get ready to take one week out of the year to focus on the beauty of nature and enjoy a myriad of activities.

History of I Love My State Parks Week

Kicking off in early May, this event is always celebrated starting on Mother’s Day and continuing throughout that week. It was started by the National Association for State Park Foundations (NASPF), a charity that works to support the unique needs and concerns of state parks.

How to Celebrate I Love My State Parks Week

Share the Love of State Parks

Let others know how amazing state parks are and allow them to share in the joy of I Love My State Parks Week! Invite a friend along to visit a state park, whether going on a hike, canoeing down the river, or enjoying a mountain view.

Take some photos while there, and then don’t forget to post them online so more people know about the week and can get involved.

Get Active at State Parks

Depending on their location, state parks will offer a wide range of outdoor activities and sports that can be enjoyed.

The list is a long one that includes things to do such as boating, fishing, stand up paddle boarding (SUP), camping, cultural tools, bicycling, backpacking, swimming and so much more.

Don’t miss out during I Love My State Parks Week, and check out the plethora of adventures that await!

Volunteer at a State Park

Join in on the fun and make a difference too by signing up to volunteer at a park in honor of I Love My State Parks Week.

Sign up to be a greeter, help out at special events, take guests on tours, perform important cleanup work and more.

Contact the local state park through their website and find out exactly what needs they have for volunteers, whether just one time or on a regular basis.

Raise Awareness for State Parks

The NASPF wants to make it possible for anyone – concerned citizens, businesses, scout troops, schools, and so many others in the community – to get involved with and show support for I Love My State Parks Week.

The organization’s website offers free access to various tools, including social media logos and a social media toolkit.

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