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Parks and green spaces, replete with nature such as trees, grasses, flowers and wildlife, play an important part in the health and well being of people, families and communities. Each year, during this week of summer, people are encouraged to get out of their houses or their own gardens and head out into the local parks and green spaces, enjoying them and also remembering to care for them and keep them tidy. So get on board because it’s time to celebrate Love Parks Week!

History of Love Parks Week

Love Parks Week was founded in the UK and is supported by the Keep Britain Tidy initiative with the purpose of promoting the nation’s parks. The hope is that the week will serve as a reminder for more individuals and families to make use of the parks – whether by riding bikes, going for a run, walking their dogs, having a picnic or playing a game of frisbee.

In addition, Love Parks Week provides an opportunity for local communities to take pride in their parks by organizing clean-up events or building other activities into their events schedules. Across the UK, more than 500 different authorities and owners of land have taken part in Love Parks Week, with a diverse range of fun activities that appeal to children and adults alike.

How to Celebrate Love Parks Week

Have fun, soak up some sun, and enjoy the green spaces that are on offer, whether locally or further from home, by celebrating Love Parks Week with some of these plans and activities:

Head Over to a Local Park

The best thing to do during Love Parks Week is, of course, to take advantage of the warm summer weather and head on over to a local green space or park area. Stop by for a stroll during a lunch hour. Head over with friends and set out a picnic spread. Take the kids for some playtime in the sand or on the swings. Or just enjoy sitting on a bench and soaking up the sound of the birds or the breeze in the trees.

Remember the Benefits of Parks

Many people spend the bulk of their lives inside the four walls of their workplaces or homes. But getting outside into the fresh air, walking barefoot on the grass and soaking up some Vitamin-D-filled sunshine is great for everyone’s health! Check out (and share them with a friend) some of these reasons that going to the park is beneficial:

  • Parks offer a mood boost from fresh air and physical activity
  • Nature settings like parks can spark creativity and ingenuity 
  • Green spaces provide exposure to nature that can reduce stress
  • Parks can provide community settings and social capital

Get More Information About Love Parks Week

Those who are interested in taking part or supporting Love Parks Week can get connected through the Keep Britain Tidy website. Interested parties who are managers or caregivers of local parks can sign up to receive a resource pack that contains ideas and tools to help promote the event in their area. 

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