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The cold twin bursts of chocolate with the soft hint of vanilla between, leading to a small explosion of flavor. A delight over a century old, and even more impressive is that it is still as liked today as it was back then. The very taste of delight for untold of summers, this is the celebration of Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

History of Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Nobody quite knows where the day originated from, or even the definitive place the ice cream sandwich itself started. There are pictures from 1900 of people eating them after paying nothing more than a penny! These delights come in many forms, but originally it was some vanilla ice cream pressed between two thin graham crackers. The current form of the ice cream sandwich is a soft chocolate wafer bracketing some vanilla ice cream. But no matter the origins, the ice cream sandwich has been a staple of summertime enjoyment for many a year. Sticky fingers and a mouth surrounded by white cream is the hallmark of many a child ‘s enjoyment, wanting another in the soft heat of summer. The mere memory of these treats seem to bring memories of summers past to mind, and the utter amazement every time we bit into one of these sandwiches of ice cream.

How to celebrate Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Well, the obvious thing would be to go get an ice cream sandwich, and enjoy it sitting down like the child we all used to be. Maybe run around a little bit, laugh loudly and ask for a second one! Maybe instead of the soft chocolate wafer, you try it as they originally made it, or maybe sandwich that luscious vanilla ice cream between two cookies. Maybe add some chocolate chips around the edge, or even try chocolate ice cream between vanilla wafers. Experiment with different things, as you never know what combination that forms your ice cream sandwich will become your new favorite.

Or maybe you could introduce someone else to an ice cream sandwich. Sharing the delightfully sweet treat with someone who has never had one might just bring a smile to your face, seeing the wonder and awe on theirs. Or even showing them what an original ice cream sandwich is. Maybe the confectionery delights that are all over, like the aforementioned chocolate chip cookies sandwiching the vanilla. In any case, enjoy the soft sweetness, and avoid that all to common mistake of eating it all so fast you end up with a brain freeze!