Mustard Day was founded on a whim by Jill Sengstock in 1988, before changing hands to the National Mustard Museum in 1991. Its aim is rather self-explanatory; to celebrate and honor one of the world’s most popular condiments.

From Dijon to English or a liberal helping on an All-American hotdog, this day your chance to voice your love (without looking a bit odd) for your favorite combination.

Mustard itself is believed to be over 5000 years old, originating in India when it was first cultivated in 3000BC. It was then brought to Britain by the Romans who were the first to use it as a condiment and pickling spice!

We definitely think this day cuts the mustard! (Pun very much intended).

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Also on Sat Aug 7th...
Also on Sat Aug 7th...

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