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With a distinct melancholy and tone that is somber, Blues music offers a unique style with captivating rhythms and fascinating vocals. Its soulful lyrics often reflect some of the difficulties of life, which are identifiable to almost anyone. International Blues Music Day is here to show some affection and appreciation for this genre of music, in the hope of also sharing it with the world! 

History of International Blues Music Day

The origins of Blues music can be traced back to the southern United States sometime between the 1860s and the 1890s, around the time of the Emancipation Act of 1863. This style of music developed through the juke joints where African Americans would spend time listening to music, dancing or singing after a long day of work. Since that time, Blues music has become a global art form that invites participation from people all over the world.

It seems that the inaugural International Blues Music Day (IBMD) took place in 2013 when it was established through some collaborative efforts to bring blues music forward in culture. The mission for the day is to “celebrate, promote and preserve” the offerings that blues music brings, including its traditions, its legacy and its future.

Each year, a different city gets an opportunity to become the official host city for IBMD. Past host cities have included New York City; Miami, Florida; San Antonio, Texas and many others.

As time has passed, the festivities for International Blues Music Day seem to grow in scope and size, now finding celebrations not only in the US, but also in places such as Croatia, Moscow, Italy and many other countries.

How to Celebrate International Blues Music Day

Everyone is invited to join in on the fun and festivities of International Blues Music Day by getting involved in a number of ways. Check out some of these plans and activities to get started with:

Enjoy Some Live Blues Music

Ideally, the best ways to celebrate International Blues Music Day would be to check out some live Blues bands in concert in the area. Those who have a solid music scene locally can book tickets in advance or head over to a club that often hosts different Blues musicians. Or, even better, find out which city around the United States is hosting the events for IBMD this year and plan to take a little road trip or flight there!

Listen to Blues Music Online

Those who are newer to the idea of Blues music may want to check out the range of this style of music online so they can figure out which artists are their favorites. Hop onto Apple Music, Spotify, or another online music platform and cue up a range of different artists in honor of International Blues Music Day. Get started with a few of these titles:

  • I’d Rather Go Blind by Etta James (1967)
  • Hoochie Coochie Man by Muddy Waters (1954)
  • The Thrill is Gone by B.B. King (1969)
  • Me and the Devil Blues by Robert Johnson (1937)

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