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Knitting and crocheting aren’t just for Grandma anymore! The basics of these traditional needlecrafts may have been handed down through the generations, but today’s versions include fascinating patterns that are distinctively modern. International Amigurumi Day is here to show some affection for these incredible crafts!

History of International Amigurumi Day

Amigurumi is a style of making cute little (or big!) stuffed creatures using knitting or crochet. While amigurumi might feel like a new trend in crocheting small animals and figures, it has actually been around since about the 1960s. This clever little way of creating shapes with yarn and a crochet hook or knitting needles made its way into the world through post WWII Japan. The Japanese word is a combination of the word “ami”, meaning knitted or crocheted, and the word “nuigurumi”, which means stuffed dolls.

For many crafters today, the art of making these tiny little amigurumi figures uses a rather small crochet hook and brightly colored cotton yarn. The patterns are often quick to whip up, though they may require a bit more attention to detail than something larger and more straight-forward, like a blanket or a scarf. Sometimes features and details for the amigurumi are added using sewing or embroidery techniques afterwards and finally the figure is stuffed at the end.

The inaugural International Amigurumi Day was celebrated in 2019 and it seems to have started when the idea came to two crocheting friends, Marcia Scarpelli and Bianca Moraes. Having gained traction in the crocheting community and online, this day has grown in popularity and scope as it has been celebrated each year since.

How to Celebrate International Amigurumi Day

Show some love and appreciation for this delightful little craft by celebrating International Amigurumi Day using some of these ideas:

Make Some Amigurumi Figures

Those who already know how to crochet (or knit) can dive right into International Amigurumi Day by grabbing some yarn and making some adorable little creatures. Access to patterns can be found through popular pattern books, but many pattern makers also offer some free patterns online. From animals and dolls to inanimate objects like coffee cups or pizza, the sky is the limit when it comes to getting creative with what amigurumi to make!

Give a Crafter an Amigurumi Gift

Those who are family members or close friends with craft lovers may want to celebrate International Amigurumi Day by making this an occasion to give a gift. Head over to a local craft or yarn shop and pick up a pre-made amigurumi craft kit or ask the salesperson to help with choosing some supplies that would make a good gift.

Host an Amigurumi Party

Folks who love crochet or knit can take advantage of the opportunity offered by International Amigurumi Day by hosting a little project-making gathering. This might be simply inviting a few friends out to a coffee shop and encouraging them to bring along their current projects. Or it could mean making things a bit more formal and hosting a craft tutorial where friends can learn the art of making amigurumi.

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