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I consider lace to be one of the prettiest imitations ever made of the fantasy of nature.

Coco Chanel

Such a keen representation of the intricacies of weaving and needlework deserves to be appreciated and celebrated. And that’s what International Lace Day is all about!

History of International Lace Day

Finding its origins in the 16th century, lace seems to have been first developed in Europe as an open work decorative piece of fabric. It could either be made from one thread, which was known as needle lace, or from many threads, which was known as bobbin lace. The two methods of making lace seem to have begun right around the same time.

Some time in the mid-16th century, books with patterns for lace-making began to appear in print. Eventually, this craft which was made by hand for centuries was industrialized toward the end of the 18th century in Britain.

The thread used to make lace started out as linen but eventually evolved to silk, or even metallic gold for those who were wealthy. Then, in the 19th century, cotton became a popular, and more durable, thread from which lace was made.

International Lace Day is dedicated to the appreciation and celebration of this delicate form of artistry and the beauty that it brings to the world. Get involved with the day by learning more about lace and enjoying the loveliness of this artwork.

How to Celebrate International Lace Day

Enjoy the sophistication and beauty of International Lace Day by celebrating with some of these ideas:

Wear Some Lace

For women, perhaps the easiest way to celebrate in honor of International Lace Day is to simply wear something with lace! Although some might consider it only for special occasions, it doesn’t have to be. Now it’s perfectly acceptable to wear lace to the office or to a small dinner party. A lace blouse, a skirt with a layer of lace over the top, a lace scarf or even a lace collar would be an ideal way to offer a little nod in celebration of the day.

Give the Gift of Lace

While it might not be quite as in fashion as it used to, lace can make a wonderful and thoughtful gift – especially keeping in mind that it’s about International Lace Day! Lace doilies made out of crocheted thread used to be a treasured gift that was given to a young woman to store up in her hope chest to have when she got married. Today, lace continues to make a beautiful and timeless treasure when given as a gift.

Learn How to Make Lace

A bit of a dying art, making lace is a craft that requires a bit of attention to detail. But it can be a fun skill to learn–and it will be an amazing treat to see what a beautiful piece of lace is revealed at the end. Sign up for a class at a local sewing shop, crafting store, community college or online.

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