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The hope for International Au Pair Day is that host families, organizations and anyone else involved with au pairs or nannies will be encouraged to celebrate and make a big deal out of this day in a variety of creative ways!  

History of International Au Pair Day

Founded in 2019, International Au Pair Day is an initiative of the International Au Pair Association (IAPA). The event was set for this date as it was the 50th anniversary of the release of the “European Agreement on Au Pair Placements” by the Council of Europe, which took place on November 24, 1969.

International Au Pair Day was established in celebration of this momentous occasion that worked to solidify the rules and regulations surrounding relationships, duties, expectations and rights between au pairs and their host families in Europe.

In recent years, the organizers of International Au Pair Day have offered themes that have allowed everyone involved to have a focus for the annual event. Past themes have included “What are you thankful for?” along with “What we like most about our au pair” and “What do you love about being an au pair?” It’s a fun way to share the amazing impact that au pairs have on the children of the world!

How to Celebrate International Au Pair Day

Looking for ideas on how to enjoy and celebrate International Au Pair Day? Consider some of these ideas to show acknowledgement and appreciation for this exciting day:

Thank an Au Pair

Host families who currently have an au pair, or have in the past, can celebrate International Au Pair Day by letting them know how important they have been to the lives of the children in their care. Write them a thank you card, give them a small gift, or perhaps provide them with a day off from taking care of the children to do whatever they like! It’s a perfect time to show appreciation for these amazing people who invest so much in taking care of the little ones.

Share a Message of Support

In honor of International Au Pair Day, the website for IAPA encourages people from all across the world to get involved by sharing a message of support. This can be done through a range of social media channels with reels, stories, posts and more. Show some love and appreciation, and follow the excitement as the online community builds into the importance of the special place that au pairs hold. 

Become an Au Pair

Au pairs work in all sorts of amazing places, gaining experiences in culture, language, travel and so much more! For those who are not au pairs but might be interested, it might be that International Au Pair Day is just the time to consider what it would be like to become one for more information, it might be helpful to check out the website for their International Au Pair Association, which is considered to be the trusted voice for the community of au pairs. The organization hosts conferences, workshops, webinars and more for those who work and serve in this industry.   

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