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Some women are working moms because they choose to have a career, and others work outside the home to be able to meet the financial needs of their families. But whatever the reason or motivation behind these life choices, this day is here to act as a reminder that moms who also hold down a job have a lot of juggling of responsibilities – and they deserve a little bit of appreciation for their hard work and dedication. Which is why it’s time for National Working Moms Day! 

History of National Working Moms Day

From teachers to lawyers, from business executives to shop owners, women work in all of the sectors of the business world and many of those working women are moms! Whether they have kids in school or at daycare, if they have flexible working hours in an office or they work from home, working moms can act as amazing caregivers and career role models as well. They do it all!

National Working Moms Day was established in 1983 by the American Business Women’s Association (ABWA). For more than 40 years, this day has been effectively shining a spotlight on and offering well-deserved recognition to those working women who also do the very important job of being a mom.

How to Celebrate National Working Moms Day

Show some love and appreciation for every working mother out there by getting involved with National Working Moms Day, starting with a few of these ideas:

Thank a Working Mom

One of the best ways to get involved with National Working Moms Day might be to show some appreciation and acknowledge a working mom. Other family members and friends can take some time to write out a card or letter expressing words of appreciation. They can shower a working mom with hugs or small, heartfelt gifts. Or they can take this as an opportunity for her to get a massage or schedule a weekend away, just so she can have some “me time”.

Show Support for Working Moms

Almost any community member can show support for National Working Moms Day through small acts of support. For instance, find out which local small businesses are owned by working moms and choose to use their services or shop from them. One survey has shown that approximately one-third of small businesses are owned by a working mom!

Learn Facts About Working Moms 

Raise awareness and show support for National Working Moms Day by learning and sharing some interesting facts about the topic, whether in person or online through social media. Take a look at some of these facts:

  • Approximately 23 million women are working moms

  • 76% of working moms are between the ages of 30 and 49

  • The most common types of jobs for working moms are healthcare, education and social services

A few other days to get involved with related to this topic might include National Working Parents Day celebrated in September, Single Working Women’s Day in August or National Flexible Working Day in June.  

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