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Each annual celebration of Fairy Bread Day brings new opportunities for individuals, families and communities to get involved with celebrating this delightful childhood treat! 

History of National Fairy Bread Day

In 2014, Adam Schell was eating a piece of fairy bread and, deeply satisfied, joked that “there should be a day to celebrate this”. His friend encouraged him to found a day and now it has been going on annually for a decade! Choosing the date for the celebration was easy, as the day Schell made his remark was on November 24.

Fairy Bread Day was established as a way to delight in the simple things of life, specifically what Australians and New Zealanders would refer to as “fairy bread”. While it might sound like an elusive treat, it’s really just made by spreading butter or margarine on slices of white bread and covering it with sprinkles or “hundreds and thousands” as they are known down under and in the UK. The day is sponsored by Australian company, Dollar Sweets, maker of all sorts of sprinkles and candy toppings. 

After being celebrated for a few years, the forces behind Fairy Bread Day decided it would be beneficial to include an opportunity to make the world a better place through its events. In 2020, Fairy Bread Day announced a partnership with an online mental health service called ReachOut, creating an opportunity to raise more than $80,000 in funds over three years to support struggling youth of Australia.

2023 brought a new partnership between Fairy Bread Day and The Pyjama Foundation, which is an organization that focuses on helping to equip children who are in foster homes. So eat some fairy bread and make a difference in honor of this day!

How to Celebrate National Fairy Bread Day

Reach back into those delightful childhood memories to bring up some happy feelings and nostalgia over this delicious treat. Consider some of these ideas and plans for celebrating Fairy Bread Day in style:

Make and Enjoy Some Fairy Bread

Get some soft white bread, slather on some butter and pile on the jimmies, sprinkles, hundreds and thousands or whatever other name there is for this fun little candy goodness. Have a piece of fairy bread for breakfast, serve it to the kids for an after school pick-me-up or make it into a bedtime snack. Enjoy all the fairy bread desired and pretend like the calories don’t even count because Fairy Bread Day only comes once a year!

Host a Fairy Bread Day Party

Take things to a whole new level by gathering some friends, family members, neighbors or coworkers to a gathering that is all about enjoying and celebrating Fairy Bread Day! This could be something as simple as bringing the supplies into the world break room and encouraging colleagues to participate, or it could mean having an entire party for children along the fairy theme complete with fairy costumes, watching a fairy movie and, of course, enjoying fairy bread.

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