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Sizzle, sizzle. The sound of frying bacon is enough to make the mouth water all on its own. And the additional smell of bacon cooking? There’s so much promise for what is to come! 

Show some love and affection to this most venerable breakfast meat by getting involved with International Bacon Day.

History of International Bacon Day

Bacon is a beloved meat that has taken its place at the breakfast table for many years. But, honestly, bacon can truly be eaten at any time of the day, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Dating back a few thousand years to the time when folks in Ancient China would preserve their pork bellies with salt, the origins of bacon have spanned throughout many cultures. From China to Ancient Rome and Greece, and eventually making its way up to Germany, France and England, bacon has made its impact on various cultures and people groups in different ways.

International Bacon Day has a background that can be traced back a couple of decades, but the stories vary just a bit. Some accounts say that the day was founded in 2004 by a group of graduate students from Colorado University (CU) in Boulder, while others say it goes back a bit further, to the year 2000 when some residents from Bradford, Massachusetts.

But no matter who was foundational in establishing the day, the idea is that bacon is a food that is extremely delicious and certainly worth celebrating. And International Bacon Day is just the time to do it!

International Bacon Day Timeline

1500 BC

Chinese cure pork bellies

Ancient Chinese people use salt from industrial mines to preserve pork fat which eventually evolves into bacon. [1]

1500s AD

Pigs are brought to the New World

Upon the insistence of Queen Isabella of Spain, explorers bring a number of pigs across the Atlantic. [2]

17th century

Modern bacon makes an appearance

Bacon as it is known today becomes popular, cured with sugar and potassium nitrate and then cold smoked.


Oscar Mayer patents bacon

The process of conveniently pre-slicing and packaging refrigerated bacon is patented by Oscar Mayer. [3]


Bacon fat is used in war efforts

After cooking their bacon, families return the fat to the butcher who donates it to make explosives from the glycerin.[4]

How to Celebrate International Bacon Day

Considering some ways to observe and pay heed to this special meat? Have a delightful time on International Bacon Day by implementing some of these plans and ideas:

Enjoy Eating Some Bacon

One of the simplest, but most effective, ways to celebrate International Bacon Day would be to cook some bacon up, pile it high on a plate and enjoy eating it! Of course, those who don’t feel like spending time in the kitchen might want to head out to a restaurant and order up a full breakfast that includes some delightfully crispy bacon on the side.

Not only is bacon delicious as the main part of the meal, it makes a great partner with a large number of dishes. Bacon does well when sprinkled on a salad, as part of a classic sandwich that also includes lettuce and tomato, or even as part of a meatloaf recipe. Bacon is a versatile meat that brings a whole lot of life and flavor to almost any meal!

Try Making Bacon in a Variety of Ways

Different chefs and cooks have different ideas on the best way to make bacon. Of course, the traditional American form of crispy back was originally to fry it up on the stovetop in an iron skillet, which certainly adds a whole heap of flavor. But that can also be a bit fussy, especially if cooking for a large crowd. Making bacon in the oven is a viable alternative, laying it in rows on a baking sheet and cooking it for around 15-20 minutes. And there are also those who will even cook bacon in the microwave, though this seems like a bit of a desperate move when other options are not available. But no matter the way it is made, bacon is certainly the guest of honor when celebrating International Bacon Day!

Make Candied Bacon or Glazed Bacon

If plain bacon seems a little average for such an important occasion as International Bacon Day, perhaps it would be fun to make it a bit more special on this day. Sometimes called “million dollar bacon”, some special but simple ingredients baked in with this pork meat can take bacon to a whole new level.

Hop online and search out some recipes that allow for bacon that is glazed with maple and brown sugar. Or try out a sugared bacon that is made with cracked black pepper for a bit of a sweet-with-savory kind of vibe. Some people even like to add a bit of cayenne pepper to the recipe to give it a spicy little kick. It’s loads of fun to experiment on this day and find the best bacon that the family will just love!

Learn Some Fun Facts About Bacon 

In honor of International Bacon Day, perhaps it would be fun to show some support and raise awareness for the day by learning and sharing various bits of trivia that revolve around the topic of bacon. Get started with some of these fun facts about bacon:

  • The word “bacon” in the English language seems to have Germanic roots in the word “bak”, which refers to the back of the pig, where the bacon comes from. 

  • The first factory made for producing dry cured bacon was opened in 1770 in the county of Wiltshire, England. The name of the curing method is still called “Wiltshire Cure” to this day, offering a sweeter taste.

  • Even though many people consider bacon to be unhealthy, the average American consumes approximately 18 pounds of bacon each year! 

  • One of the first meals on the moon included a variety of foods that were friendly for space travel – including bacon. 

Host an International Bacon Day Party

Obviously, the love of bacon is an amazing reason to gather friends, family members, coworkers or others together to celebrate International Bacon Day! Even people who might have nothing in common can almost always find common ground in the enjoyment of this tasty breakfast meat.

Get creative with having a bacon themed party by inviting guests to bring their favorite bacon recipe. Then, compile the recipes together and create a mini “cookbook” in an online document that can be shared with all of the guests afterwards.

At the party, feel free to entertain guests by watching some movies that star Kevin Bacon, reading some poetry written by Lord Francis Bacon, or listening to music that was created by the folk band, the Bacon Brothers. 

International Bacon Day FAQs

How to cook bacon in the oven?

Make bacon in the oven by placing strips on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper and baking at 400F for approximately 10-20 minutes until crispy.

Can dogs eat bacon?

Bacon is high in fat and salt, so it is not recommended for dogs, even as an occasional treat. [1]

Can bacon be frozen?

Unopened bacon can be frozen for up to one month, if needed, but it’s better to avoid freezing bacon. [2]

Is bacon healthy?

Bacon is a rather fatty meat that is often very salty, so it’s not a healthy meat and might be saved for special occasions.[3]

How is bacon cured?

Today, most bacon is made with ingredients like salt, sugar, sodium nitrate or other chemicals made into a brine that is soaked or injected into the meat. [4]

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