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Going out to restaurants one of people’s favorite activities because they get the chance to taste the best cuisine from the chefs that work behind the scenes. International Chef day is a for them, and is probably one of the best opportunities people can get to learn how to cook and connect with chefs in their local area. It’s also a great opportunity to teach kids how to cook and inspire them to become chefs. Let’s discover where it came from and what International Chef Day is all about!

Learn about International Chef Day

International Chef Day has been designed so that we can all learn more about the important role of a chef. If you are interested in a career in the food industry, you are a chef yourself, or you simply enjoy eating food (who doesn’t?), you can appreciate the importance and the significance of a day like this.

History of International Chef Day

International Chef’s Day began back in 2004 by esteemed chef Dr. Bill Gallagher, who at the time was the president of WorldChefs, a network of over 100 chef associations and is focused on bringing education, competition, networking, and sustainability to the authority on cuisine.

This day is focused on educating kids around the world about the importance of eating healthy, promote the career of chefs and help change their local communities. Each year, WorldChefs and their partners create different themes to help broadcast their mission. WorldChefs started when in 1920, a Swiss cook federation introduced the idea of an international chef association, and thus in 1928, WorldChefs was established in Sorbonne, Paris.

Congresses would be held every few years and countries would assume presidency over the organization. For over 90 years and counting, WorldChefs has run from becoming an association to a worldwide organization to help educate people about the importance of healthy food.

In 2017, WorldChefs’ theme was the idea of a superhero or to be exact, “Foods For Healthy Heroes”, and beforehand was about the art of placing food on a plate, or for short, presentation. This day is also used to celebrate the idea of a chef as a noble profession in which they hope to pass down knowledge and culinary skills to the next generation of chefs.

How to Celebrate International Chef Day

Each year, WorldChef’s offers a toolkit, which combines recipes and tips from chefs around the world. You can download that toolkit and contact a regional manager to host a food event in your local area. You can also use the hashtag #InternationalChefDay and tell a story about a chef that you know in your life to your friends on social media.

You can even gather the kids and adults in your local area and host a cooking competition to see who can cook the best meals. Or just go out to your favorite restaurant and give a thank you note and a tip for creating some of your favorite meals.

If you have children, one way that you can celebrate this day is by treating them to a kid’s kitchen. You never know; this could inspire them to be a chef in the future! This is a timeless toy – something which will never fade in terms of enjoyment. The reason why so many children love role-playing toys, like a kid’s kitchen, is because they are all about unleashing the imagination.

A kid’s kitchen allows a child to emulate their parents or a top chef for the day – they feel like they can cook up any meal they want and be anyone they want. This is something which is priceless for children as they like to feel like they can tackle anything. It is also a good way for you to introduce them to the world of cooking without fire and safety risks. You may ignite a spark and a passion.

At the very least, you are going to help them to understand what a chef does and why this career is important, and that is what this day is about after all! The key to buying a great kid’s kitchen is to look for something which looks realistic. By this, we mean go for something which is sleek and sophisticated in design – something that would be well suited in a normal kitchen if it was real.

Try to stay away from anything which looks too childish. When it comes to toys like these kids want something with a modern and mature look because they want it to be as close as possible to the adult version.

You can also spend some time on this day researching more about the best restaurants and chefs around the world. Wherever you are in the world you will find exceptional restaurants all striving for the holy grail of awards – the famous “Michelin Star”.  Recognition by the Michelin inspectors denotes fine dining quality and they have a grading range from one star to three stars. 

As you can imagine, a restaurant with even a single Michelin star will be well patronized by customers seeking the ultimate in fine dining. This is the crème de la crème of culinary experiences. The reviewing of restaurants started in 1926 and the anonymous reviewers were asked to concentrate on the quality and consistency of the food, ignoring the surroundings in which it was served.

It is true though that most restaurants that have been awarded stars tend to be the classic or formal dining sorts but this is not always the case.  Some have been awarded to much less formal establishments. It was decided from the outset that there should be three grades of Michelin stars starting with the one-star grading. Why not take a look online to find out more about Michelin Star chefs? You could even create a bucket list of restaurants to visit!

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