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You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy chocolate, and that’s kinda the same thing.


In the long history of the workplace, there have been just a few things that have aided in making the afternoons go faster and the days seem a little easier, and a very important one of these workplace helpers is chocolate.

It’s a crying shame that the Europeans had to wait until late into the 17th Century to discover it, they suffered all that time without chocolate to ease the day. Thankfully that’s no longer a concern. Office Chocolate Day is the ideal opportunity to grab a bar of chocolate, or an entire bag or tray, and enjoy it while putting in a hard day’s work at the office!

History of Office Chocolate Day

The history of Office Chocolate Day is as old as Chocolate itself–that is, for those who are willing to use a very loose definition of the word ‘office.’ The glory of Office Chocolate Day is it enables workers and desk jockeys to indulge in an uplifting creamy treat that can take the drudgery out of the day and leave people with a new burst of energy and a touch of enthusiasm to get through the rest of the day (even if it’s only 9 o’clock in the morning!).

It’s no secret that chocolate has been proven to lift moods and alleviate stress, so it makes sense to have it around the office, doesn’t it?

There’s no end to the degree of creativity that can be used when deciding to indulge in chocolate on Office Chocolate Day either! There are so many different places to find chocolate these days, from protein bars to coffee, from chocolate cake to rich hot cocoa, it’s completely possible to indulge all day without repeating a treat. Of course, by the end of the day, it will likely be necessary to hit the gym a little harder than usual. But most people probably won’t regret having eaten a single bite when they see how much easier this delicious treat makes getting through the day.

How to Celebrate Office Chocolate Day

Celebrating this day is not at all hard! All it takes is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of chocolate. Try out some of these ideas to get inspired:

Share Chocolate with Coworkers

The easiest way to celebrate Office Chocolate Day is by bringing in a tray of chocolates to share with various co-workers throughout the office. Stop by in the morning and pick up a dozen chocolate-filled donuts or find the triple chocolate chip muffins available at the local big-box store. 

Looking to be a bit more decadent? Bring in Ghiradelli’s Premium Hot Chocolate mix and let the folks in the office indulge in a warm and soothing drink in the middle of the day. Of course, for those who want to go super easy and make sure everyone enjoys what is brought, it’s easy to bring in a rich and creamy chocolate cake. All that matters is that the joy of chocolate is brought to coworkers on Office Chocolate Day!

Hold a Chocolate Office Day Party

Maybe it will need to be held during lunchtime, or maybe the boss will give a free hour in the afternoon in honor of the day. Either way, don’t pass up this opportunity to hold a chocolate-themed party for everyone in the office. 

Have everyone bring a favorite chocolate treat to share. Or, even better, set up a chocolate fountain with various fruits, marshmallows and other treats to dip into it so that coworkers can have access to flowing chocolate all day long.

Play Office Chocolate Day Games

Try playing some of these fun chocolate party games:

  • Guess the Chocolate Flavor. Today, chocolate comes in a large variety of flavors that can be unique and unexpected. Gather a few different flavors of chocolate bars, put them on different plates, and have participants play a game (perhaps blindfolded) to guess what the flavors of each chocolate bar are. Try chili, white chocolate, sea salt, caramel and more.
  • Fancy Chocolate Eating. Players sit in a circle with a large whole bar of chocolate (wrapped) in the middle. Also needed is a pair of oven mitts, a knife and a fork at the ready. On their turn, each player rolls a single die. If they get a six, they must put on oven gloves and then try to cut the chocolate with the knife and fork and then eat it. They must stop trying when the next person rolls a six. The game is over when the chocolate is gone!

Take Chocolate to Other Office Staff

Don’t work in an office? That’s okay! So many other people do that it shouldn’t be hard to find someone who will appreciate that you remembered this day. Keep some chocolate handy to pass out to anyone encountered in an office on this day.

Stopping by the school attendance office? Drop them some chocolate bars. Have a meeting at the loan office in the bank? Bring a few Hershey’s kisses or M&Ms to celebrate. Renewing that driver’s license? Surely the people at the licensing office would enjoy a few pieces of delicious chocolate to make their day a little bit better!

Get creative and become the little chocolate office fairy, spreading joy throughout all of the offices in the town.

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