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Not everyone needs to have a child or children to be fulfilled in life. The world is filled with plenty of work to do and people to advocate for without everyone needing to be a parent. International Childfree Day is dedicated to those folks who simply found their purpose and life’s work in places other than raising children! 

History of International Childfree Day

The roots of International Childfree Day are based on an event staged by the National Organization for Non-Parents (N.O.N.) in the early 1970s. At the time, the organization selected a male and female non-parent of the year, with the winners parading down 5th Avenue in New York City. At that time, International Childfree Day was set up, originally called Non-Parents Day, to celebrate those people that specifically choose not to have children, fostering acceptance of the childfree choice.

In 2013, this event was resurrected by Laura Carroll, an author who is passionate about reproductive rights, ethics advocacy and the childfree choice. After ten years of running the event, Laura Carroll passed the torch to Childfree Media, Ltd.,

International Childfree Day continues to be celebrated each year with the intent of encouraging people who choose not to have children, and normalizing the child free experience in life. So those folks who are intentionally childfree can celebrate, and those who have kids can still grab a friend who wants to be child free, let them know their choice is supported and respected, and celebrate this day!

How to Celebrate International Childfree Day

International Childfree Day offers a variety of different opportunities for people to share in the celebration of the day. Make plans to enjoy the day, showing honor and respect to childfree people, with some of these ideas: 

Learn More About Various Childfree People

While many cultures are focused on having babies and producing heirs, the movement that promotes International Childfree Day offers an alternative option to having children. Consider some of these famous people who have opted out of having kids, who have certainly lived fulfilled and happy lives:

  • Susan B. Anthony

    Along with many others in the women’s suffrage movement, Anthony chose not to have children and devoted her life to fighting for the woman’s right to vote.

  • George Frederic Handel

    The famous German composer wrote 420 operas, more than 120 cantatas, but never felt the need to settle down and have children.

  • Betty White

    This famous American actress was married for 18 years before her husband died. White said that her lack of children was what allowed her to have such a successful acting career.

  • Ricky Gervais

    This comedian is sometimes a little crass, but he also writes children’s books. Even so, he and his longtime partner, Jane Fallon, simply weren’t keen on parenthood.

Attend the Virtual Childfree Convention

People from around the globe will gather online during the Childfree Convention to learn, share and encourage each other in their lives. This free, two-day event allows participants to view and get involved with various speakers, panels, topics and more, in a live-stream format. Those who miss out can also catch some recordings on YouTube. 

Nominate a Childfree Person of the Year

In celebration of International Childfree Day, it’s exciting to see who will be awarded the honor of becoming the Childfree Person of the Year. While two awards were originally given, one each to a man and a woman, the awards have now changed. Today, folks who want to celebrate the day and those that want to get involved, can make their own nominations for either the Childfree Person of the Year or the Childfree Group of the Year.

The details of how to do this are given on the official website and a panel of judges chooses a male and female winner from the candidates. These are announced on the day itself, with the chosen people receiving a few small prizes in honor of their award.

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