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Every year on May 10th, people worldwide celebrate the International Day of Argania. This special day celebrates the argan tree, an ancient species that has grown in Morocco for about 80 million years.

These trees are not just old; they play a crucial role in the local economy and environment. The celebration aims to increase awareness about these unique trees, their benefits, and the challenges they face.

The argan tree produces a fruit from which argan oil is extracted, a valuable product in cosmetics and culinary arts.

However, overgrazing, deforestation and climate change threaten the survival of these trees. Recognizing this day each year helps promote the conservation and sustainable use of argan trees.

Celebrating this day involves learning about the argan tree’s significance, its threats, and how we can support its conservation.

The Moroccan government and local communities have taken steps to protect this vital species, such as establishing cooperatives and promoting sustainable practices.

By buying products made from sustainably harvested argan oil and supporting policies that protect natural habitats, we contribute to the conservation of these remarkable trees​​​​​​​​.

History of International Day of Argania

The story of International Day of Argania starts with a tree deeply rooted in Moroccan soil for millions of years. The argan tree, unique to Morocco, has been a livelihood, culture, and environmental balance source.

Recognizing its value, UNESCO marked the southwestern region of Morocco, where these trees thrive, as a biosphere reserve in 1998. This highlighted the argan tree’s global importance and its need for protection.

The journey to giving the argan tree its special day began with its recognition by UNESCO. In 2014, the organization celebrated the argan tree’s cultural significance by listing its related practices and knowledge on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

This acknowledgment celebrated the traditional methods of argan oil production, showcasing its role in Moroccan heritage.

On March 3, 2021, the United Nations General Assembly took a significant step by declaring May 10 as the International Day of Argania. This decision, supported by 113 member states, was not just about celebrating a tree. It was about bringing global attention to the conservation and sustainable use of the argan tree. The day is meant to encourage actions that protect the argan forests, promote its products, and support the local communities that depend on them.

Since its inception, International Day of Argania has been a call to action. It urges us to appreciate the argan tree’s ecological and economic roles. By celebrating this day, we learn more about the challenges these trees face, such as deforestation and climate change. We are reminded of the importance of sustainable practices and the protection of natural habitats.

In essence, the International Day of Argania is a celebration of nature, culture, and sustainability. It’s a reminder of our connection to the Earth and our responsibility to protect its treasures. Through this annual observance, we acknowledge the argan tree’s vital role in our world and commit to its preservation for future generations​​​​​​​​.

How to Celebrate International Day of Argania

Celebrating the International Day of Argania offers unique opportunities to recognize and support the cultural and environmental significance of the Argan tree. Here are some suggestions on how to celebrate this important day:

Visit the Argan Region: If possible, plan a visit to the Argan region in southwestern Morocco. It can be an enlightening experience to see these majestic trees and the local communities firsthand.

Social Media Campaigns: Use your social media platforms to spread the word about the importance of argan trees, their role in local economies, and their environmental benefits. Remember to use the hashtag #internationaldayofArgania to join the global conversation.

Support Women’s Cooperatives: Learn about and support the women’s cooperatives that produce argan oil. These cooperatives play a critical role in the social development of rural women in Morocco and help preserve traditional skills while providing economic opportunities.

Artistic and Photographic Exhibitions: Attend or organize exhibitions that showcase the beauty and importance of the argan tree. This can help raise awareness and celebrate the tree’s cultural heritage.

Try Argan Products: Explore and try products made from argan oil, such as cosmetics and culinary products. By choosing products from sustainable sources, you contribute to the conservation of argan forests and support local communities.

Promote Sustainable Practices: Advocate for and support sustainable management practices in the argan ecosystem. This involves conservation efforts, sustainable harvesting, and supporting policies that protect the environment.

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