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Imagine a world where justice is balanced by the law and the diversity of those who interpret it. The International Day of Women Judges, celebrated March 10th, marks a pivotal moment in the journey toward equality in the judiciary. 

This day was globally recognized for the first time in 2022. It followed a resolution adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on April 26, 2021. The main goal is to emphasize the essential role of women judges in enhancing the legitimacy of courts​​​​.

The day serves as a beacon, highlighting the progress and ongoing challenges in achieving gender parity within judicial systems. It is a call to action for women’s full and equal participation at all judiciary levels.

It celebrates their contributions to fair decision-making and the fight against corruption. The significance of this day is in acknowledging the achievements and advocating for a judiciary that offers diversity and inclusivity​​.

Establishing the International Day of Women Judges is a testament to the global commitment to gender equality.

It recognizes the vital work of the Global Judicial Integrity Network of UNODC in incorporating women’s representation issues into judicial systems, aligned with the UN Convention against Corruption. Through educational and public awareness activities, this day promotes the advancement of women in judicial justice systems.

History of International Day of Women Judges

The United Nations General Assembly officially set this day on April 26, 2021. The first time was observed globally on March 10, 2022. It emphasizes women judges’ critical role in promoting gender equality and upholding judicial integrity and diversity.

The day serves multiple purposes. Firstly, it highlights the importance of women’s representation in the judiciary to ensure courts represent their population and address concerns. The presence of women judges enhances the legitimacy and accessibility of courts.

They contribute to a judiciary to be more transparent, inclusive, and representative. Additionally, it reaffirms the commitment to develop and implement national strategies for advancing women within judicial systems at all levels, from leadership to managerial positions.

The establishment of this day represents a significant milestone in global efforts toward achieving gender equality.

By celebrating this day, there’s a collective acknowledgment of including women in the judiciary and recognizing the challenges ahead.

How to Celebrate International Day of Women Judges

To celebrate the International Day of Women Judges on March 10, you can engage in a variety of activities.

These activities highlight the importance of gender equality in the judiciary and honor the contributions of women judges. Here are some suggestions:

Speak Up for Women’s Rights: Use your voice on social media to discuss how women judges contribute to justice. Sharing stories and achievements of women judges can inspire others and raise awareness​​.

Boost Female Empowerment: Create opportunities for women, such as organizing an internship program for women interested in legal careers. This can help encourage more women to pursue roles in the judiciary and other areas of law​​.

Support Underprivileged Women: Look for ways to help women who lack basic needs or rights. Advocating for those who are marginalized can make a significant difference in their lives. You can highlight the need for equal representation in all sectors, including the judiciary​​.

Educate and Raise Public Awareness: Participate in educational events that focus on the role of women in the judiciary. This can include panel discussions, webinars, or public forums that discuss the challenges and achievements of women judges​​.

Engage in Solidarity Actions: Show your support for women judges worldwide, including those who face persecution or discrimination. Standing in solidarity with these women sends a powerful message of unity and resilience​​.

Promote Intellectual Property (IP) Awareness: Intellectual property cases offer unique challenges and opportunities for women judges. Celebrating their contributions to this field can inspire others to pursue specialized areas of law​​​​.

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