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People who grew up in the 1980’s or 1990’s will be sure to know who Mario and his brother Luigi are! Mario and his younger, fraternal twin brother are the most renowned characters of any of the Nintendo games. And they’ll be thrilled to celebrate National Mario Day.

But Mario day is not just for avid gamers or for kids because pretty much anyone can enjoy the celebration if they know a little bit about Mario. In honor of National Mario Day it would be great to brush up on a little Mario trivia and take a short walk through the history of this endearing character.

History of National Mario Day

National Mario Day came about when it was noticed that, when writing out the day Mar.10, it just happens to spell out the name, “Mario”. From that point forward, the day just seemed to take off!

While Mario day was probably created by clever fans, the Nintendo company finally endorsed it as National Mario Day in 2016. In fact, the company has even been known to promote the day by offering discount prices on Mario’s games, so it might be a good time to consider buying these classic games at a lower price!

The character of Mario was first introduced in Nintendo’s game Donkey Kong. He didn’t even have his own feature game right away! When he originally appeared in this game in the early 1980’s Mario was not the plumber that would be recognized today. In fact, in the early days his name was simply “Mr. Jumpman” and he was a carpenter.

Because the history of the character is unclear, some people believe that this original Donkey Kong character was not actually Mario, but was truly the father of both Mario and Luigi. In any case, his life has certainly evolved since those early games in 1981.

A couple of years later, in 1983, Mario broke out on his own and changed his name (and possibly changed his profession to a plumber) in Super Mario Brothers. From then on, he began what was to eventually become a takeover of Nintendo’s offerings. Various games that he has been featured in have sold over 262 million copies worldwide, making it the most successful video game series of all time.

However, it was not just the Mario character that made the game remarkable, but the technology that it was part of bringing to the forefront of the video gaming industry. The release of Super Mario 64, more than a decade later in 1996, brought with it groundbreaking, three-dimensional graphics. It was also the first game to integrate a camera view that could be controlled by the player.

Continuing to break through technologically, Super Mario’s Sunshine, released in 2002, made advances in gravitation that allowed players to soar through space and have more movement options than before.

In general, the Mario series of games has been important to the industry of video gaming and the technological advances that have been made through the years in console gaming. It seems that little Mario and his brother have had a very important impact on the world!

How to Celebrate National Mario Day

Although it’s probably stating the obvious, the best way to celebrate National Mario Day is to get playing! But some other fun options to celebrate this whimsical day can make it even better for children and adults.

Play Mario Brothers Video Games

Dust off that Nintendo console and take the day to enjoy the fun and frustration that comes with platform games (games that make you jump from level to level or over obstacles to advance). Those who grew up with the games might ask themselves if they have shown their children the fun that Mario and all the characters have ready for them. Today is the perfect day! Spend some quality time sharing the fun and the memories with this new generation of players.

Dress Up at Work or at School

Find out ahead of time if your school or work is celebrating the day and, if not, check into how to make that happen. Try dressing up in that iconic red and blue outfit. Or dress up as another character from the series and see how well your friends really know who is who. Of course, what’s a Mario without Luigi and his other friends?!

National Mario Day Treats

Cakes, cupcakes and other treats can be made and enjoyed on this day as well. In fact, ideas for Mario Bros. inspired recipes are available with a simple search online. Consider cooking up some of these recipe ideas to share at work, at school or with a group of friends at a Mario Party:

  • Peanut Butter Star Sandwiches. Since the game is based around collecting stars, make peanut butter sandwiches and then use a star shaped cookie cutter to create adorable, bite-sized finger sandwiches.
  • 1UP “Mushroom” Burgers. Work a little food-coloring magic and dye the tops of slider buns green, toast the bun tops and then add small circles of mozzarella cheese (let them melt on while the bun is hot). Serve on top of veggie burgers covered in melted white cheese.
  • Flower Power Veggie Platter. Fill a white or yellow bowl with white veggie dip and place it about ⅓ of the way down on a large, white platter. Surround the bowl with sliced yellow peppers, baby carrots and then grape tomatoes to create the “flower”. Use sliced cucumbers and broccoli pieces for the stem and leaves. Add two black olives to the bowl of dip to create eyes.

Gaming and treats go hand in hand, so having a treat and taking some time to remember why the Mario Series has been so successful is the perfect way to celebrate National Mario Day. And don’t forget to share the fun with your friends and family. Mario loves his brother Luigi, so share the love as well as the fun!

Fun Mario Trivia Fact:

Mario’s character in the game is rumored to be named after the first businessman who rented warehouse space to the Nintendo company, Mario Segale.

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