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Almost anyone can join in on the fun and have a great time bringing light and joy to another human in honor of International Drop a Rock Day! 

History of International Drop a Rock Day

International Drop a Rock Day was started in 2015 when it was founded by the Word Rocks Project with the purpose of uniting people around the world. The World Rocks Project is a group of crafters who began collaborating in 2011 to master the “art of connection through love and kindness.”

The idea for the rocks was to pass on brightness and beauty to others in the world by decorating lovely rocks and placing them in random places for others to find. Working along the vibe of Random Acts of Kindness Day this event is specifically related to dropping hand crafted rocks with creative paintings and messages on them to be found by someone who needs it.  

International Drop a Rock Day is celebrated all over the world, encouraging folks to make the world a happier place by leaving behind an inspirational message for someone else to find. Over the past several years, some of the organizers of the day have promoted different themes that can inform the messages and pictures that are painted onto the rocks. Here are some of the recent themes for the day:

  • Peace (2022)
  • Be the Light (2021)
  • Together (2020)
  • You Matter (2018)

How to Celebrate International Drop a Rock Day

This is a day that the whole family can get involved with, from some of the younger kids to the older grandparents! Check out some of these fun ideas for participating in activities for International Drop a Rock Day:

Decorate Some Rocks

The most important way to participate in International Drop a Rock Day would be to get involved with creatively decorating some rocks. First, source the rocks from an appropriate place, with permission when needed. Whether gathering some from the backyard, finding some in a local stream, or picking up a few from a walk on a trail, just be sure to remember the general area where they came from so they can be returned to their proper place in the ecosystem!

Take the rocks home and get out the paints because it’s time to have some fun. Kids and adults of all ages can have a blast coming up with creative images and word messages to paint on different rocks, and consider what kind of inspiration they will provide when they are found.

Drop Some Rocks

Once the rocks have been decorated and are ready to go out in the world, make an event out of taking them back out to drop into the world. International Drop a Rock Day is the time to head on out to the park, hiking trail, lakeside, neighborhood or other greenspace to leave little messages of hope and light on rocks. Just remember to keep the rocks in places where people can find them – and away from areas where they might be a nuisance for a lawnmower!

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