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Sometimes categorized as mixed media, collage art is diverse and has often been motivated by political ideals, while subverting the traditional definitions of what might be important in artwork. 

World Collage Day was founded with the hope of acting against cultural entrenchment and separation, by tearing down walls and opening up conversations in the generous and welcoming collage community!

History of World Collage Day

Techniques of collage art can be traced back many centuries as some of the first forms of collage art were made by Japanese calligraphers who used glued paper as part of their poem writing process in the 10th century.

In the early parts of the 20th century, collage art started to grow as a form of novelty art style that incorporated many different objects glued together. This cutting-edge style of sculpture offered an opportunity for creations that were utterly unique during the wave of modern art.

The word “collage” was taken from a French word “coller” which simply means to glue or stick something together. The term was first coined by Cubist artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque who acted as pioneers of this method and movement.

World Collage Day was founded by the folks over at Kolaj Magazine in 2018 with the simple intention of honoring the community of artists through the celebration of the beauty and creativity of collage art.

How to Celebrate World Collage Day

Bring some meaning and seriousness into collage art, or do it just for fun! Whatever the motivation, get started celebrating World Collage Day with some of these ideas:

Make Some Collage Art

An excellent way to show some love for World Collage Day might be to get out there and gather some random objects and found items to use as fodder for making a collage. Some people prefer two-dimensional collages with clippings and cuttings from magazines. Others like to make three-dimensional sculptures, whether small or large, that offer a creative view of various aspects of art and the world.

Host a World Collage Day Event

Get involved with and connected to other artists and art lovers in the community by celebrating World Collage Day. Perhaps invite a group to a tour of an art museum that includes collages. Build a community event that allows kids to get involved with collage and art-making. Encourage others in the neighborhood to make their collages and then have a window exhibit where everyone displays their artwork in their front windows for all to see. It’s a fun day for novices and professionals to show off their art, finding some joy and connection along the way!

Check Out World Collage Day Resources

Each year, the day’s founder, Kolaj Magazine, offers resources that help individuals and groups work together to promote World Collage Day. Get inspired by checking out and downloading some of the resources and tools offered for promoting the day at the Kolaj Magazine website. In the past, the magazine has also published a special edition of their printed magazine, which might be fun to request in honor of the day. 

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