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Ranging from some of the smallest children to the oldest of adults, and everyone in between, just about anyone can scribble! And scribbling can be a delightful relief from stress, whether used as an emotional outlet or a way to create art.

International Scribble Day is here to show appreciation for and celebrate the simplicity of the activity of scribbling. All it takes is just a piece of paper along with a writing utensil, and it’s perfectly simple to enjoy the day!

History of International Scribble Day

Founded by Diane Alber, International Scribble Day got its start in 2019. The day began as a nod to the children’s book written by Alber called “I’m NOT Just a Scribble. The theme of this cute book, which was published in 2017, is that art can come in any form and anyone can be encouraged to be an artist. Other themes of the book include ideas about kindness and acceptance, as well as inspiring creativity.

With a desire to encourage people young and old to accept others as they are, the hope of this day is also that people will be inspired to be creative. Even people who don’t think they are very ‘artistic’ can have something creative to offer to the world – even if it’s just a scribble!

International Scribble Day is here to raise awareness for the important themes of kindness, acceptance and unique forms of creativity. So get on board with celebrating this important day!

How to Celebrate International Scribble Day

Get creative and inspired to celebrate International Scribble Day with some of these delightful and cool ideas:

Read I’m NOT Just a Scribble

Get inspired for the day by picking up a copy of I’m NOT Just a Scribble at a local library or bookstore. It can also be found at the author’s website.

Parents, teachers and others who work with kids can read the book to the kids in their lives and encourage them to get inspired to create their own works of art with scribbles. One of the fun types of scribble art created in the book includes making a scribble, adding eyes and a mouth, drawing on arms and legs, and then making a delightful character out of it. It’s tons of fun!

Create Some Scribble Art

A perfect way to get involved with International Scribble Day might be to create some scribble art with participation that ranges from simple to complex. Perhaps it’s just a pencil and a plain piece of printer paper. Or maybe it’s something more interesting like some scribbles of watercolor paint on a canvas. Or, for those who really want to get involved, perhaps it would be fun to create a scribble design that could be put on transfer paper and worn on a t-shirt. The options for art that can be created for International Scribble Day are almost endless!

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