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Feeling tired and lackluster from a shortage of sunshine? Those who feel like they need a bit of a boost to get through this darkest day of the year might be interested in celebrating – because it’s time for International Energy Drink Day! 

History of International Energy Drink Day

Energy drinks got their start in the US more than 70 years ago, when the first one appeared in 1949, called Dr. Enuf – a soft drink that contained caffeine and vitamins, formulated by a chemist from Chicago. In the early 1960s, Japan got into the energy drink game with their product called Lipovitan-D.

By the late 1980s, energy drinks had made their way to Europe as one of the most well-known brands of energy drink, Red Bull, launched in Austria in 1987. And obviously, over the course of the next several years, the popularity of energy drinks grew and made its way to every corner of the world.

Established by the Hungarian Energy Drink Association (MESZ), International Energy Drink Day is here to show appreciation for these beverages that offer a little boost on those days when it is needed the most.

How to Celebrate International Energy Drink Day

Check out some fun and interesting ways to get on board with International Energy Drink Day by enjoying some of these ideas for the day:

Try an Energy Drink

International Energy Drink Day offers the perfect opportunity to check out some interesting flavors of energy drinks. Most people have heard of Red Bull or Monster, but there are some other drink manufacturers out there that are also marketing a wide range of energy-boosting beverages that have different flavors. Some of the basics like lemon lime or sweet tea are fairly normal. But other flavors that get names like “Bleach Ichigo Soul Reaper,” or “Unicorn Magical Elixir Energy” make a person wonder exactly what these drinks might taste like!

Some people even like to use the basic flavors of energy drinks to make up some mocktails. So take some time to get creative behind the bar and have some fun on this special day!

Read the Label and Consume Carefully

An energy drink consumed every once in a while – like on International Energy Drink Day – might be okay. But it’s important to always read the labels to find out exactly what ingredients are being put into the body. Most energy drinks contain loads of caffeine, sugars and artificial flavors, as well as legal stimulants like guarana, L-carnitine and taurine. It’s best to choose drinks with the most natural ingredients.

But just because ingredients are natural and legal doesn’t mean they are exactly healthy. The fast release of dopamine in the brain can cause a nice momentary hit, but this can also be followed by a crash. This cycle of hits and crashes can, in some people, result in an energy drink addiction. So even on this day honoring the energy drink, of course it’s always wise to consume responsibly and in moderation!

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