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Don’t Make Your Bed Day has got to be one of the most amusing holidays to exist, and the the petition written to congress by a New Mexico fifth grader is definitely one of the cutest things you’ll read in a while.

The History of Don’t Make Your Bed Day

Don’t make your bed day is admittedly relatively new, and is based on a petition an elementary school boy wrote to Congress. It reads:

“My name is Shannon Barba and I reside in Tijeras, New Mexico. I am in the fifth grade at Calvary Christian Academy.

I am writing you to ask that you help me figure out a way to institute National Dont Make Your Bed Day. I have made my bed every day since I was 4 years old. I make it so my parents are proud of me. But sometimes, I get really tired of making my bed. I think grown-ups get tired of making their beds too. I think everyone in our country would enjoy one day where they dont have to make their bed and not feel bad about it. I suggest December 21st of every year because that is the shortest day of the year this year. On that day, we spend the least amount of time out of bed and so it would be nice to leave it unmade.

I appreciate your help and ask that you please send me a response letting me know if you are able to pass a Bill that would make a National Dont Make Your Bed Day.

I have been in contact with my state senator; however at this time he said Congress is busy with more pressing matters. I respect that, however, I would like to continue my campaign. Even though Senator Udall said I don’t have to make my bed on December 21st, I am concerned for all the other kids in our country.

Thank you for your time and considering my request.”

How to Celebrate Don’t Make Your Bed Day

For most children out there and a surprisingly large portion of grownups as well, not making the bed is a sign of rebellion against the organized adult world and its structures. Shannon might well be right when he says that it’s not only kids that get tired of making their beds. In fact, many people argue that making your bed doesn’t even make any sense to begin with–after all, aren’t you just going to lie right back down in it when you come home from school or work, effectively sabotaging all of the work and time you put into making your bed that could have been spent on something more useful, like sleep, for instance? It’s hard to argue with this reasoning; there never does seem to be enough sleep, and depriving yourself of an extra ten minutes of it in the morning, when it is especially precious, seems like folly, to be honest.

To celebrate Don’t Make Your Bed Day, maybe don’t just refrain from making your bed. You could try not doing a lot of other things that grownups take for granted in their perfectly ordered worlds, and skip your morning coffee. Too much caffeine is too bad for you after all, right? Or maybe don’t do your makeup or your hair; nobody has to look perfect all the time! Don’t Make Your Bed Day should be a day of relaxation and freedom from the arbitrary “rules” that govern our lives. Live a little!