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National Short Story Day

Get lost in worlds within words — create characters, weave plots, and inspire imaginations. Reading and writing is a passport to adventure!


A guide to celebrating Dec 21st

Start the day by embracing creativity through writing. Craft a short story inspired by the positivity of looking on the bright side of life. Challenge your mind with a crossword puzzle while commemorating the past with wreaths. Dive into the depths of imagination like a Dalek on International Dalek Remembrance Day.

Pour some gravy over a delicious meal for Gravy Day or mix yourself a tasty Coquito to celebrate National Coquito Day. Embrace a rebellious spirit by skipping bed-making duties for Don’t Make Your Bed Day. Take a moment to appreciate all the short girls on Short Girl Appreciation Day. Indulge in the sweet nostalgia of ribbon candy on Ribbon Candy Day.

Grab some French fried shrimp and a flashlight for a unique yet oddly satisfying combination on National French Fried Shrimp Day and National Flashlight Day. Finally, let loose on Humbug Day by embracing all the humbugs with a touch of humor.

In this whirlwind of festivities, let these weird holidays guide your day with unexpected yet delightful activities. Mix and match the celebrations in a motley of fun and laughter, without breaking the bank. Celebrate the offbeat with gusto and flair, creating memories that keep the spirit of revelry alive.

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