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International Equal Pay Day is a special day marked each year on September 18. This day highlights the need for equal pay for everyone, no matter their gender.

It aims to draw attention to the ongoing wage differences between the genders and advocate for fair pay across all fields of work. Everyone, from governments to individual supporters, is encouraged to push for changes that ensure pay equality.

The importance of this day stems from the persistent gender pay gap, where women often earn less than men for doing the same jobs.

This inequality is more pronounced for women of color, making it a critical issue of fairness and economic justice. Observing this day helps raise awareness and promotes actions to achieve pay equity, which benefits society as a whole by reducing poverty and improving economic stability for families.

One of the main reasons International Equal Pay Day is celebrated is to educate and mobilize people to fight against pay discrimination.

By shining a light on these disparities, the day encourages conversations and actions that aim to close the pay gap.

It’s a day to reflect on progress made and to energize ongoing efforts to ensure that everyone receives equal pay for equal work​.

How to Celebrate International Equal Pay Day

International Equal Pay Day has its origins in the ongoing global efforts to address wage disparities between genders. Established by the United Nations in 2019, the day was specifically chosen to encourage action toward achieving pay equity.

This focus on equal pay reflects a broader commitment to human rights and the elimination of discrimination against women and girls​​.

The movement toward this observance began earlier, however, with a blend of activism and policy efforts aimed at correcting wage inequalities.

The first official recognition of the need for such a day came from various civil rights and women’s advocacy groups, which have long campaigned against gender—and race-based wage disparities.

These groups’ efforts were instrumental in raising awareness and laying the groundwork for the formal establishment of International Equal Pay Day​.

A significant part of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals is promoting gender equality and empowering all women and girls.

International Equal Pay Day highlights inequalities and drives international and community efforts to implement fair wage practices globally.

This effort includes various stakeholders, including governments, employers, and civil society, working together to foster a fair economic environment where women receive equal compensation for work of equal value​.

How to Celebrate International Equal Pay Day

Get Crafty with an Unequal Bake Sale

Tickle your taste buds and your conscience at an “Unequal Bake Sale.” Charge different prices based on gender to symbolize the gender pay gap.

Imagine the conversations you’ll spark as folks munch on cookies and contemplate fairness! All proceeds can go to a charity fighting for pay equality​.

Pen to Paper for Change

Grab a pen or hit the keyboard! Writing letters to elected officials can pack a punch. It’s a chance to voice concerns about pay inequality and urge leaders to take action. Bring friends or colleagues together for a letter-writing party and make your voices heard​​.

Educate Through Entertainment

Host a documentary watch party that illuminates gender equality issues. Choose films that explore the gender pay gap or the history of women’s rights movements.

It’s a relaxed way to raise awareness and fuel discussions on important issues​​.

Empower Through Workshops

Why not organize a salary negotiation workshop? It’s a perfect setting to empower participants, especially women, with the skills to advocate for their worth in the workplace. Learning to negotiate effectively can be a game-changer in striving for equal pay​.

These activities aren’t just about marking a day on the calendar. They’re about sparking real change and encouraging discussions that can lead to a more equitable workplace and society.

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