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For some people who happen to absolutely love their jobs, every day at work can be fun. But for many people whose work might be a bit tedious or less than joyful, they need some pick-me-up days throughout the year to keep things lively and make the days pass a bit more quickly.

International Fun at Work Day is just one such time of the year when working and having fun are meant to collide!

History of International Fun at Work Day

Throughout the history of humankind, the idea of work has been, well, just work. It’s the daily grind. Labor, toil, drudgery and duty are just a few of the words that bring a negative connotation to the jobs that people need to do on a daily basis to survive.

But in an enlightened and post-industrial age, the idea of work can also be something that people take joy in. Work can be productive. It can be a craft, an art and even… dare we say it?… fun!

International Fun at Work Day can trace its beginnings back to 1996 when it was first founded by a company called Playfair. The company logo says a lot, calling themselves, “The World’s Leading Experts on Fun and Play at Work”. With the intention of bringing fun and delight to various academic induction ceremonies, International Fun at Work Day was founded to encourage the idea of having a playful attitude at work.

In a delightful twist of events, International Fun at Work Day coincides with the celebration of April Fool’s Day. This is a day when pranks, tricks, practical jokes and hoaxes are the name of the game.

One important thing to know about International Fun at Work Day is that it is typically celebrated on April 1. However, an exception is made if the first day of the month of April falls on a weekend. In this case, the celebration of the day takes place on the first Thursday in April, encouraging folks to have fun at work on that day instead.

Of course, this isn’t the only day dedicated to having fun at work! In fact, National Fun at Work Day takes place in January and offers another reason to celebrate. But this day in April, International Fun at Work Day, can be even bigger and better because it is meant to be celebrated ALL over the world!

How to Celebrate International Fun at Work Day

A day that can be filled with all sorts of delight, International Fun at Work Day provides a wide array of opportunities for celebrating. Get involved with the day and participate with some of these fun ideas:

Throw a Party at Work

One of the best ways to celebrate International Fun at Work Day is to enjoy a party with coworkers. After all, how can the boss say no to a party that is sanctioned by this official day?

For those companies that will give a little budget for International Fun at Work Day, perhaps have some food catered in or go out to lunch together. Perhaps get permission to screen a movie, host a quiz or trivia hour, or make it into a dress up day.

Those who don’t have a budget can still organize a party in advance by having coworkers bring a variety of food, baked goods, desserts and other delicious items to share, eat and enjoy. Have food set out in the employee breakroom or shared throughout the office.

Learn Fun Facts About Fun at Work

One special way to celebrate International Fun at Work Day might be to get more information about the scientific facts behind having fun. Job satisfaction is a vitally important factor for employers, so managers and bosses would do well to keep apprised of these tidbits:

  • There is a 9% overlap between how much a person loves their job and how well they perform at it.

  • A positive relationship exists between how much fun people have at work and how good of a team player they are. Fun creates niceness, which can avoid a toxic workplace.

  • Small teams tend to outperform solo geniuses, so creating a fun working environment can help with team dynamics.

  • Listening to the right music can help people get work done faster, so be sure to make those tunes at work super fun.

Raise Funds for Charity

One super way to celebrate International Fun at Work Day might be to have tons of fun but also make it helpful in support of a good cause. Host some games or a raffle that can raise money for those who struggle with food insecurity or unemployment.

Make it an office dress down day where everyone can donate a dollar to wear jeans or casual wear. And those who have the support of their company can even host a matching-gift day where the employer provides equal donations for every dollar donated by the employees.

Take a Field Trip

Many companies offer a quarterly fun day or afternoon away from the office, so International Fun at Work Day would be a great time to cash in on this day. Take an afternoon out at the park if the weather is warm enough, and enjoy some outdoor games like cornhole or croquet. Indoor fun can be had with a Family Feud style game or letting employees participate in a bake-off or chili cook-off. There are loads of creative ways to celebrate having fun at work!

Provide Volunteer Opportunities

Those who would rather donate their time can devise a plan for an employee volunteer day at work. Celebrate International Fun at Work Day by sharing in the fun with others in the local community. Volunteer to clean up a local park or highway, help at an animal shelter, or serve at a soup kitchen. It’s a great day to make the world a better and more fun place!

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