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Encompassing eighteen countries, ranging from Mexico all the way to Argentina, jaguars are the only big cat that resides in Latin America, and they are also the largest carnivores in the area. These fascinating hunting cats have the strongest jaws of all of the feline species, and their presence is part of the larger landscape of biodiversity throughout their natural habitat. 

This is a great time to learn more about and raise awareness for the need of the protection of these animals and their habitat through International Jaguar Day!

History of International Jaguar Day

Jaguars have been considered threatened and under protection since the 1970s. Hunting of these powerful animals, along with deforestation, illegal logging, and the introduction of domestic livestock, as well as climate change and ecosystem changes, have all acted as problems that prevent the jaguar populations from thriving over the past several decades.

With estimated losses of approximately 50% of their historic range, and up to 20% loss in just the past 15 years, jaguars need special care and attention. In 2020, the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) launched a regional strategy for jaguars with the goal of increasing the population of jaguars along with their habitat by the year 2030.

In honor of International Jaguar Day, many different organizations are coming together in support and sponsorship of the event. The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS), along with Jaguar North America and various others work together each year to raise awareness for the need to conserve and protect these animals and their natural habitats. 

How to Celebrate International Jaguar Day

Consider getting on board and celebrating International Jaguar Day with some of these ideas for plans and activities:

Learn About Jaguars

One of the best ways to show appreciation to this majestic cat might be to learn some new and interesting bits of information about them – and then share it in celebration of International Jaguar Day!

  • Jaguars are often mistaken for leopards, but the spots on their coats have spots within their rosette-like pattern which leopards don’t have.

  • Unlike most cats, jaguars are excellent swimmers and have even been known to have crossed the Panama Canal.

  • Both male and female jaguars have a roar, called a “saw”, which is part of what makes it easier for them to find a mate.

  • After the tiger and the lion, the jaguar is the third biggest cat in the world and the largest in the Americas, with males weighing from 80 to more than 300 pounds!

Raise Awareness About Jaguars

Getting involved with International Jaguar Day may include letting people know about the day and the need through social media posts, or it might be something like organizing an event that is live and in person. Teachers and parents could take this day as an opportunity to educate the kids about jaguars, or others might want to host school-wide events that include competitions, art contests, films and much more.

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