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While LEGO is certainly fun and exciting to play with, many people don’t realize that they can also be an incredibly important learning tool about the ancient world! International Lego Classicism Day brings these bricks together with ancient history in a fascinating way. 

History of International Lego Classicism Day

International Lego Classicism Day got its start in 2017 as a bit of a tongue-in-cheek event founded by Liam D. Jensen, also known as “The Lego Classicist”. Jensen, from Sydney, Australia, was the founder of the Brick Classicists Empire (BCE), previously known as Lego Classicists. The Brick Classicists Empire is a vibrant online community, with members all over the globe, brought together through their love for the ancient world and the ability to connect it with play.

Specifically, the BCE combines history with pop-art and culture to engage with the ancient world through LEGO bricks and figures. From scholars to archaeologists, museum directors to archivists and so many others, the BCE is made up of folks worldwide who are connected through their love for the ancient world and desire to better understand through LEGO.

International Lego Classicism Day takes place on this day because it is the anniversary of the formation of the BCE, which was on February 20, 2016. The purpose of the day is for individuals and groups to participate and learn by using LEGO style bricks to depict ancient history and share it with the rest of the world.

Over the years, different museums around the world have acted as official hosts for International Lego Classicism Day. Past host museums have included The Hellenic Museum in Melbourne, Australia and The British School at Athens, in Greece. In addition, a new International Lego Classicist of the Year is awarded a special honor and trophy in celebration of the day!

How to Celebrate International Lego Classicism Day

Folks of any age and from any location can participate in International Lego Classicism Day by connecting with some of these ideas:

Play with Ancient History and LEGO

One of the best ways to get connected with International Lego Classicism Day would be to grab a collection of LEGO style bricks and have some fun! One of the ways one member of the BCE likes to get involved is to use the mini-figures to make “portrait” replicas of important people in the industry. Other ideas might be to use LEGO bricks to build various architectural structures from ancient history such as Pompei or the Acropolis. Don’t forget to take photos of the artist with the creation and share on social media!

Connect with the Brick Classicists Empire (BCE)

People who work in the field or are interested in experiencing ancient history through the accessible and inclusive use of LEGO bricks might want to get more involved with the BCE. Regardless of culture, language, education or skills, people can connect with the ancient world with bricks. This not only facilitates learning about history, but also encourages playfulness, diversity and connection. Check out the BCE on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to learn more about this unique community and connect with events throughout the world.

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