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In many companies, the PMOs (project management offices) are the ones who keep projects running smoothly, from documentation and guidance to keeping on target for strategies and metrics. International PMO Day is here to show some much-deserved appreciation for the folks who work in these offices, manage these projects, keep everything in line and accomplish tasks that help drive the success of large organizations. 

History of International PMO Day

PMOs are an agency, group or department within a company that sets and maintains standards for various projects and, because of this, they function as a critical part of many large organizations and government agencies. The history of these offices date back to more than a century ago, when countries needed to govern their agricultural resources. Since that time, the duties and functions of such groups have evolved and the term “project management office” began use in the early 20th century.

The first International PMO Day took place in May of 2023. The idea behind the day started the year before, at the PMO conference in London, 2022. The day was founded to highlight, promote, appreciate and celebrate the PMOs in corporations, companies, government organizations and more. The hope for the day is that PMO practitioners all over the world will use the day to take some time for themselves and their team. 

How to Celebrate International PMO Day

Get ready to show some appreciation to the team of folks who manage and organize projects by celebrating International PMO Day. Have some fun with some of these activities to honor the day:

Thank a PMO

Those who work in a project management office, and those who work closely with them or who are supported by them, can take this opportunity on International PMO Day to celebrate by showing some appreciation and giving a hearty thanks.

This might be a good time to offer cards or small gifts to say thanks, or taking the PMO team out to lunch to let them know how much their work matters in the big picture of things. This could be a foodie gift, like coffee and bagels for breakfast, or some other small way to thank the team.

Celebrate with PMO Day Events

Another idea for celebrating International PMO Day might be to host an awards ceremony where it’s possible to share in the successes of PMOs from the last year. It might even be fun to have a community picnic or other event where PMOs can invite their families or friends to get in on the day’s activities and celebrations.

Attend a PMO Meetup

Those who work as PMOs may be interested in getting together with other like-minded individuals to celebrate International PMO Day. This is a great time to gather together and take some time to reflect on the benefits of the work you do, or perhaps to share some struggles and challenges with someone else who will understand. Celebrated with other PMOs by going out for lunch with some colleagues or going out after work for a celebratory drink.

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