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It is estimated that there are millions of homeless cats in the United States each year who are just waiting and hoping for a family to take them in and love them! International Rescue Cat Day is here to raise awareness for the cause and bring humans into a life-giving and love-giving relationship with these adorable and delightful furry creatures.

History of International Rescue Cat Day

Cats have been woven in and out of human history for many centuries. Domesticated a few thousand years ago, cats can do more than just catch mice. They make great companions for many people, offering affection and love, even if it is mostly on their own terms!

But many times, cats find themselves without homes. Sometimes a beloved mama cat gets pregnant and the kittens are turned into a shelter by a family who can’t take care of them, or a cat owner is allergic and not able to keep them. As it turns out, there are many sad circumstances when cats find themselves living in animal shelters, hoping and waiting to be adopted by a family.

International Rescue Cat Day was founded by Yorkshire Cat Rescue in England and its first observance was in 2019. The day takes place at the beginning of International Rescue Cat Awareness Month and is a perfect time to launch a few weeks that pay special attention to the plight of sweet, furry cats who are in need of a home and a family to care for them.

How to Celebrate International Rescue Cat Day

International Rescue Cat Day is a great time to be a better citizen of the planet and help someone who simply can’t help themselves. Get involved with celebrating and observing this day with a number of ideas, including:

Consider Adopting a Cat

Cat adoption is the ideal way to observe International Rescue Cat Day, so stop by the local animal shelter and find out what exactly it takes to become the new family for a little cat. Each animal shelter will have different requirements, but paying a visit or checking out the details on their website is a good way to get started.

Of course, pets are for life and shouldn’t be adopted on a whim, so be sure the decision is made in a thoughtful, considered way and not simply with emotions! Perhaps take a look at some of these factors to consider before committing to adopting a pet:

  • Finances. The cost of a pet is more than just food each day. In addition, cats need shots, flea and tick medication, heartworm meds, annual medical visits to the vet, safe toys, litter and other treats. The average cost for a cat has been estimated to be over $600, which breaks down to be about $50 per month of cat ownership.
  • Stability. Though cats can be pretty flexible, they do need a stable home. If you have in mind that you might be moving in the near future, do you have a plan that allows for a cat? For instance, those who rent or lease need to make sure that the place they are living, or will move to, allows for pets.
  • Kids or other pets. It’s important to consider family dynamics when adopting a pet. Families with children need to be sure that their new cat will be child friendly. In addition, families that already have pets, either another cat or a dog, should be sure that the other pets can all get along with the new cat.

Make a Donation to an Animal Shelter

Those who already have enough pets, or simply can’t take care of one for any number of reasons, can still get involved with celebrating International Rescue Cat Day. This might mean making a donation to a local cat charity or an animal shelter that takes care of adoptable pets. Or it might mean donating to a Trap, Neuter, Release program that helps to keep feral cats from breeding on the streets. In any case, help out a stray or homeless cat or two by making a donation to the local shelter.

Attend an International Rescue Cat Day Event

Some animal shelters and cat support organizations may host events in honor of International Rescue Cat Day! It might be fun to attend one of these events to learn more about the charities that support cats as well to meet other cat owners. Plus, it may be a good way to get information for those who are looking to adopt a cat, or it might be a good way to find resources, like the name of a good veterinarian.

Give Kitty Some Extra Love

Those who already have a cat that they have gotten as a rescue should be sure to give their kitty extra love and attention in honor of International Rescue Cat Day. Show them how much they are loved and appreciated by giving them an extra cat treat, buying them a new cat toy, or scheduling them for an annual medical exam with the vet. Cats who like attention might just enjoy an extra cuddle, hug or play time in celebration of the day.

Make a Cat Day Playlist

In honor of International Rescue Cat Day, don’t forget to have a little soundtrack running in the background that imbibes the day with some cat energy. Play the soundtrack from the Broadway musical, Cats, or consider some of these songs:

  • What’s New Pussycat? by Tom Jones (1965)
  • Stray Cat Strut by Stray Cats (1981)
  • Cool for Cats by Squeeze (1979)
  • Honky Cat by Elton John (1972)

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Those who have a lifestyle that doesn’t really allow them to adopt a cat but really enjoy spending time with them might want to volunteer at a local animal shelter. Whether it’s feeding, cleaning, or playing with the cats, animal shelters need volunteers to help out. Consider International Rescue Cat Day as the perfect time to inquire at a local shelter to see what their needs are and how it might be possible to help on a regular basis.

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