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Always working to keep up with the food trends that their customers love, McDonald’s is famous for bringing about new creations while paying heed to their old classics. And that’s what National Egg McMuffin Day is all about!

History of National Egg McMuffin Day

With its inaugural appearance in the early 1970s, the Egg McMuffin has become a venerable item on the menu of the worldwide fast food mogul, McDonald’s. The Egg McMuffin is a fairly simple menu item, containing a fried egg, a slice of cheese and piece of Canadian bacon all placed on top of a toasted and buttered English muffin.

It is said that the Egg McMuffin was created to be something resembling Eggs Benedict, and was originally served open faced, with a small tub of strawberry jam. Although the sweet and savory combo didn’t catch on, customers can still ask for a packet of jam upon request when ordering an Egg McMuffin.

At the center of the launch of the breakfast menu for the restaurant chain in the 1970s, the Egg McMuffin cost only 63 cents when it was originally released, which would be around $3.29 today when inflation is considered.

It wasn’t until 2020 that McDonald’s officially declared National Egg McMuffin Day but it seems to be celebrated annually now. On the first observance of the day in 2020, the restaurant offered a coupon for a free Egg McMuffin for customers who downloaded the new McDonald’s App.

Today, National Egg McMuffin Day is a grand tradition that may not always come with a free breakfast sandwich. But it’s still certainly worth a trip to McDonald’s to celebrate the more than 50 years of delight the Egg McMuffin has brought to the world!

How to Celebrate National Egg McMuffin Day

Enjoy National Egg McMuffin Day in a variety of ways, getting started with some of these delicious ideas:

Pick Up an Egg McMuffin

Head over to McDonald’s on National Egg McMuffin Day and see what different varieties of breakfast sandwiches are available. Egg McMuffins, Sausage McMuffins, and Sausage McMuffins with egg are just a few of the delicious offerings on the fast food restaurant menu. And mentioning that it’s a special day might just provide a discount or deal!

Learn to Make Copycat Egg McMuffins

It isn’t always necessary to go out in order to enjoy the delicious flavors that come from the Egg McMuffin because it’s possible to make them at home. The biggest trick about copycatting this recipe has to do with getting the egg into that perfectly round shape.

While McDonald’s does cook their eggs on a griddle just like anyone else, they use a round mold that’s just slightly smaller than the size of the English muffin to cook the egg in. A makeshift one can be made by using the lid of a mason jar or something similar.

While cooking the egg, go ahead and toast and butter the muffin, and cook the Canadian bacon. Add a slice of cheese to the muffin, stack up the egg and bacon, and that homemade Egg McMuffin is ready to be enjoyed!

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