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Game, set match! It’s time to play some tennis. So, grab a racket and some tennis balls, then head on over to a park or club to have some fun – because the occasion to celebrate is World Tennis Day. From professionals at Wimbledon or the US Open to a group of friends who just hit the ball around on the court at the local park, tennis is a great sport for almost anyone! 

History of World Tennis Day

Starting out as a game that is still referred to as court tennis, real tennis, or jeu de paume, what most people know as tennis today is technically called lawn tennis. With a background that can be traced back for many centuries, tennis has evolved into a game that is known, played and watched by millions of people all over the world.

This first World Tennis Day was celebrated in 2013 when the event was established through the efforts of the International Tennis Federation (ITF), which is the main governing body of the game. Stargames was also involved in promoting the launch of the day.

The inaugural World Tennis Day started as a way to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the ITF and it has been an annual event since that time. This day acts as a perfect opportunity to bring focus to the sport through various special events as well as media coverage that shines a spotlight on tennis!

How to Celebrate World Tennis Day

Have some fun and stay healthy too by getting involved with the sport of tennis. Celebrate World Tennis Day with some of the following plans:

Play Some Tennis

Get involved with World Tennis Day by heading out to play a few games! If it’s a bit chilly in early march to play tennis outside, then perhaps it would be fun to grab a friend and schedule play on an indoor tennis court. Tennis is a sport that offers many opportunities to improve and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Providing aerobic exercise as well as building strength, agility, hand-eye coordination and also burning calories, tennis is an excellent sport for people of almost any age!

Attend Some World Tennis Day Events

With more than 200 different tennis organizations worldwide that participate in the ITF, it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a group that is hosting tennis events taking place in the local area. Perhaps some tournaments or competitions will be scheduled for the day. Or get involved with workshops or training sessions that can help folks improve their game. Some tennis clubs might even be hosting receptions, ceremonies or awards events in honor of World Tennis Day.

Refresh That Tennis Gear

Those who have had their tennis items put away throughout the winter might want to take advantage of World Tennis Day as an opportunity to refresh everything. Get those rackets restrung. Check on those tennis shoes to make sure they don’t need new laces, insoles or even to be replaced. And don’t forget to pick up a new can of tennis balls in honor of the day.

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