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Highlighting the importance of following orthodontic protocols in keeping a healthy smile and mouth, International Retainer Day acts as a reminder for patients of dentists and orthodontists to wear their retainers regularly – just like the doctor ordered! 

History of International Retainer Day

International Retainer Day was first celebrated in 2021 when it was founded in collaboration with the retainer company, Vivera, which is a subsidiary of the Invisalign teeth alignment company. This company works with dentists and orthodontists to provide comfortable, clear retainers that are easily wearable and less obvious than traditional braces and retainers.

It’s no surprise that since its inaugural celebration, many dentists and orthodontists throughout the United States and other places in the world have gotten on board with celebrating International Retainer Day. Through social media accounts and websites, these professionals are all about encouraging their patients and communities to follow the protocols needed to keep their mouths and smiles healthy and beautiful!

How to Celebrate International Retainer Day

Show some love and appreciation for that little piece of plastic that works so hard to keep those teeth straight! It’s time to get started celebrating International Retainer Day with some of these fun ideas:

Wear That Retainer

It’s such an exciting time when a person, no matter their age, is able to get their braces removed! The process of having orthodontic work can be grueling and painful. Plus, it often takes place at an awkward time during the teenage years or young adulthood. So when those braces come off, it’s time to celebrate.

Wearing a retainer is a fairly common followup to braces that many orthodontists require to keep the teeth aligned and the mouth in good health. Some people have to wear their retainers all the time, while others wear them just at night, taking them out just for eating. International Retainer Day works to encourage orthodontic patients that wearing a retainer is key to keeping their smiles straight and beautiful for many years to come!

Remember Famous People with Braces or Retainers

One fun way to celebrate International Retainer Day might be to remember back to those awkward days of your own personal braces and retainers, or consider some these amazingly beautiful people who also had such an experience:

  • America Ferrera only wore a retainer in real life but her Ugly Betty character had full-on braces
  • Prince Harry shows that even royalty needs orthodonture, wearing braces on his bottom teeth for up to a decade
  • Gabrielle Union wore braces from age 9 to 13 and then wore a retainer from 13 to 15
  • Tom Cruise wore mostly invisible braces for about six months when he was 40 years old

Visit the Dentist or Orthodontist

One important feature of International Retainer Day is that it works to remind people of all ages that they may need to visit the dentist or orthodontist. Parents of pre-teens and teens might need to make sure their children’s mouths are healthy and their teeth don’t need straightening. Young adults and older adults may need to pay a visit for corrected smiles that have gone awry or perhaps issues related to TMJ other disorders.

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