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People from all over the globe are invited to join in with the celebration of this delightfully aromatic pale ale brewed in the style of the Trappist monks.

International Tripel Day is a nod to this Belgian beer, which has strong, complex flavors that were born in the brewhouses of northwestern Europe.

History of International Tripel Day

The interesting background of this event can be traced back to the history of beers made in Belgium.

Although this particular beer is a more recent one, born in the 1930s, monks and nuns have been brewing beer in this part of Europe for centuries, long before Belgium became an independent nation.

Tripel beer first got its start in the 1930s in the secular brewery of Hendrik Verlinden, made in the tradition of the Trappist monks and based on consulting he had done with the monks of Westmalle.

Originally called Witkap Pater, the name was later changed to Witkap Tripel. Not long after, the monks of Westmalle released their own Tripel beer and the recipe has remained unchanged for almost 50 years.

International Tripel Day is scheduled for March 3 as a nod to the numbers corresponding to the date, 3/3. The hope is that Tripel enthusiasts will be brought together in celebration of this day as more people discover and enjoy it!

How to Celebrate International Tripel Day

Beer lovers can join in and have triple the fun in celebration of International Tripel Day, including some of these ideas:

Enjoy a Tripel Beer

Clearly, the simplest way to get involved with International Tripel Day is to enjoy drinking one of these unique, flavorful beers.

The pleasant malt flavor with spicy and fruity notes is compelling to many beer drinkers who like a strong flavor and high alcohol content.

Make a Visit to Belgium

Dedicated fans of Tripel beer might be interested in celebrating by making a trip to the place where it all began – Belgium.

The ideal trip might include tours of a variety of different breweries in this small European country, including the most important of all, the Westmalle Brewery.

Located in the very northern part of the country on an 18th-century monastery that is also a working dairy farm, this is the location where some of the first Tripel beers were brewed. Plan an exciting visit in celebration of International Tripel Day!

Learn About Tripel Beer

Beer lovers can get more educated and become beer aficionados in celebration of all of the different beer days throughout the year!

In honor of International Tripel Day, consider learning and sharing a few fun facts with friends and other beer lovers. Check out some of these to get started:

  • Tripel beer’s flavor notes have been described as sweet, flowery, spicy, malty, fruity and sometimes grainy
  • No one knows exactly why it is named this, but the name probably has something to do with the fact that it is very strong, with more than twice the normal quantity of malt
  • Tripel beer contains approximately 8-10% alcohol by volume, which is high for a beer
  • Although Tripel is an ale that is pale, it is not anything like an IPA

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