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While women have been shown to have just as much musical talent as men, the musical world is one of the many arenas where women have often been held back or undercut. The story goes that in the 18th century, Mozart even seems to have taken credit for some compositions that actually belonged to his sister, Maria. 

The world can be a harsh place for women but International Women in Music Day is here to honor the talented women who have so much to offer and who often have to fight harder to get noticed.

History of International Women in Music Day

International Women in Music Day dates back to 2008. By the time 2020 rolled around, it was included in celebrations that were put forth by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). The event was scheduled in the month of March to correlate with the United Nations International Women’s Day, which always takes place on March 8. 

The purpose for the day encourages the promotion of and showing appreciation for the women who have made an impact on the music world, despite what is often a glass ceiling that holds them back. Much of the discussion around this day relates to the need for the gender gap in the music industry to be closed, with women earning their place to have equality in this sector of the entertainment world.

In 2020, even with the pandemic, International Women in Music Day boasted at least 60 different virtual events that took place all over the world, and each year the connections seem to grow larger.

How to Celebrate International Women in Music Day

Women deserve to be shown appreciation for their contributions to the music industry, and International Women in Music Day is just the time to do it! Get involved with the day, starting with some of these ideas:

Support Women in Music

Whether this means spending time all day listening to those favorite female artists or attending a concert put on by a female band or led by a female orchestra conductor, International Women in Music Day offers a wide range of possibilities for supporting those women in the world of music.

Another great way to support women who are in the music industry might be by getting involved with Women Rock Day that takes place in early January. 

Listen to Some Women in Music Podcasts

Learn more about the women behind the industry by listening to some podcasts that have been produced in conjunction with International Women in Music Day. In collaboration, together the BBC, Danish Radio and the EBU offer a series of podcasts that feature mini-biographies of female composers and their role in the world of music. In addition, topics include the ways that women composers must fight to get their work heard, as well as how the concept of quality among women’s work in the music industry. 

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