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The year is 2001, the portable electronics industry is booming, and the CD player is the hottest personal musical device around. Little did they know that the music world was about to be rocked to its core by a quiet computer company that’s set on changing everything. Enter the iPod, a compact and durable device capable of holding the entire contents of most peoples CD collections.

With a price tag of $399, it was scooped up by affluent music enthusiasts to compile their entire collection into one place. For the first time in music history it was possible to have any song you wanted available at a touch of a button. In a master stroke, iTunes was released in January of the same year, and the music industry scooped up the opportunity to provide songs on a piece meal basis.

With these two powerful tools, the iPod was set to change the world. History has shown that Apple’s ambitions were both met and exceeded.

History of National iPod Day

National iPod Day celebrates the events described above, and has been a recognition of the ambitions of its founder Steve Jobs and the company the he helped rise from modest computing company to an international electronics powerhouse. The first iPod was sold on November 10th, 2001, and the world has never been the same.

How to Celebrate National iPod Day

Celebrating National iPod Day is really celebrating the rise of music as an ever-present and constant presence in the lives of everyone. If you’ve been an enthusiast from the beginning then take out your collection and take some time to appreciate the huge changes that the iPod has undergone, and yet how much of the original design is still present in today’s units.

You can also go through all of your music collection and remember the first songs you put on, and the hundreds more that were to follow. The history of your iPod is often the history of yourself, as the music you’ll find still hanging out (thanks to the massive capacity of the device) marks the years of your life with the theme song of your past. Do you remember those first songs? Do you still listen to them? What have you become in the days that have past, and do you smile with nostalgia or cringe with embarrassment as you remember your favorites from ages gone by?

Perhaps the best celebration is finally taking this opportunity to upgrade to that new unit that you’ve been salivating over. There’s nothing like a fresh new iPod to help you reinvent yourself musically, and eliminate those songs from your collection that no longer represent you, while updating your music library with the songs the define you today.

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