Some of us harbor a dark secret, one that leaves us shamed and reviled by all those who, by their estimation, are the repositories of better taste. They sneer at our choices and look upon us with disgust as we dive in and enjoy that thing which bears all the rich, bittersweetness that we love in life. That’s right. We like the Black Jellybeans, the dark sheep of the Easter Bunny’s basket of indulgences. Jelly Bean Day celebrates the entire rainbow of flavors that the world has to offer, and that includes our precious black licorice, and so we can for once agree on one small detail. That Jelly Beans are delicious, and the world would be a sadder place without them.

History of Jelly Bean Day

Jelly Beans have a long history, reaching back further than their association with Easter and, in fact, the Easter Bunny. In the mid-1800’s, the Jelly Bean was developed, bringing these flavorful rainbows into our lives and much joy with them. It is thought that the original bean was inspired by the sweet candy known as Turkish delight, comprised of rich fruit and powdered sugar. Perhaps the development was someone trying to find a less messy and more portable version of this already popular treat.

Jelly Beans have had a surprisingly deep influence on our culture, with the term expanding beyond meaning a simple delicious candy. The term Jelly Bean has been used to describe simple multi-use electronics equipment in the Electronics Industry, as well as the odd but distinctly American use in the 1910’s. During this time Jelly-Bean was often used to describe a youth who dressed in the latest style to catch the eye of young women, but beyond that had little to offer those who took the bait.

One of the most well-known uses of Jelly Beans is in the hugely successful Harry Potter series, wherein we can find the devilish and untrustworthy “Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean”. A rather adventurous assortment of Jelly Beans where the flavors could literally be anything you imagine. While some of these flavors haven’t translated into real life, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Bean is indeed a product you can buy, with such flavors as Earwax, Vomit, and more. Certainly not for the faint of heart.

How To Celebrate Jelly Bean Day

First off, take a big bag of Jelly Beans and make them disappear down your gob hole. Yes yes, you can leave the black ones if you like, we’ll just accept them by SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) at our office’s address. Thank you very much. Or you can share them with other right-thinking people who live in your vicinity.

Another popular activity is to hold a charity event by filling a jar with jelly beans and offering people the opportunity to win a raffle prize. All they have to do is guess the number of jelly beans, and when the day is over you find out how many people got it spot on, or how many guessed the closest. Those who win get to split the prize, while the money goes to your favorite charity!


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love the black ones!


Ohhh, today is more than Earth Day!

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