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Sharing their experience, time, passion and so much more, Girl Scout leaders are committed to giving to their communities by investing in the lives of the women of the future. National Girl Scout Leader’s Day offers an ideal opportunity to show some love and appreciation for the sacrificial work these adult volunteer leaders do to make a difference with individual girls and the world! 

History of National Girl Scout Leader’s Day

Since its beginning more than a century ago in 1912, Girl Scouting has grown to become a unique and vital part of the culture of girls in both the United States and abroad. These adult women and men make it a priority to act as mentors, role models, facilitators and as these young women approach adulthood.

National Girl Scout Leader’s Day was founded in 1982 when it was proclaimed by the Girl Scouts of the USA organization. On this inaugural celebration of the event, a flag was flown off the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, D.C. in honor of all Girl Scout leaders.

The purpose behind the day was to recognize and celebrate all of those leaders who volunteer in service of millions of girls all over the US and the world. The date to observe the day was chosen as it falls near the time designated for National Volunteer Week

How to Celebrate National Girl Scout Leader’s Day

Have loads of fun and let a leader know how much they are appreciated by joining in on various activities in celebration of National Girl Scout Leader’s Day:

Make a Thank You Card for a Girl Scout Leader

Many girl scouts are often creative and artistic, so, with that in mind, perhaps National Girl Scout Leader’s Day would be just the right time to get creative and celebrate by making a handmade card or other small gift of appreciation. Use craft-making skills to build a card that thanks the leader for offering a supportive environment in which to grow and learn. Thank them for teaching various skills and providing exposure to important activities. And don’t forget to thank them for the time they spend and planning they do to invest in future leaders!

Host a Leader Appreciation Event

Parents and older participants in a Girl Scout troop can celebrate National Girl Scout Leader’s Day by arranging a special appreciation event for the leaders. This might be a small party that is celebrated at a home, school or community center, or it could be organized at a favorite restaurant, cafe or donut shop. Have loads of fun together and perhaps have a card shower where every girl makes a card and the leader gets to read and enjoy them all in celebration of the day. Or maybe give a verbal time of praise, where every girl takes a turn naming something they appreciate about their Girl Scout Leader.

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