Quick Facts

May 4th
Founded by
Candace Marie Smith of Berries & Caterpillars

Learn about K.I.N.D Day

K.I.N.D (Kids in Need of Diapers) DAY is a day founded by Candace M. Smith of Berries & Caterpillars. The unofficial K.I.N.D holiday will be observed and celebrated, on May 4, by encouraging random acts of kindness from individuals who would like to participate in helping desperately struggling families meet their diaper needs. K.I.N.D Day is born from the local grassroots diaper project Berries & Caterpillars.

In 2013, the first Diapers 4 Good by Berries & Caterpillars event started from the steps of the Downtown Orlando City Hall for parents from predominately under-serve communities. In between annual events, Candace M. Smith (founder of Berries & Caterpillars) wanted to do something to help families who struggle weekly to diaper their child. Moved by heart-wrenching stories of hardship from Diapers 4 Good Helpline callers, the Founder of Berries & Caterpillars decided to operate the Helpline every Friday, extending it from a once a year operation. The response over-whelmed her young, fledgling grassroots project. Callers for emergency diapers (up to 10) were processed on a first-call, first-serve basis until supplies were exhausted. On the same day, she hit the streets alone meeting up with callers, many whose babies were wrapped in towels, t-shirts or left in wet diapers. She met parents at bus/train stations, courthouse, in from a hotel, etc. Her direct on-every-corner type giving earned Ms. Smith the affectionate nickname ‘Diaper Girl’.

What happens to babies who are left in diapers too long and why should everyone, who can, participate on May 4. Prolong wear of wet/soiled diapers can and does cause painful and itchy rashes. An already irritated delicate skin of a baby exposed to waste can cause excessive discomfort. Babies who suffer from diaper rash become irritable, cry more- affecting sleep and the ability to sit or move without discomfort. Typically, well-meaning parents who struggle to pay for diapers usually have a hard time paying for creams and ointments that will protect and heal their babies skin. Ms. Smith believes that kind-hearted participants can relieve a child’s suffering by purchasing a pack of diapers.

Ms. Smith also believes direct giving may be what the world needs in moving closer to, at the very least, a relief from an overwhelming problem among 1 out of 3 parents who struggle with the purchase of diapers. K.I.N.D Day promotes direct giving to those who are suffering. K.I.N.D participants can observe the day by surprising a family member, friend, or neighbor who they know can use the help. Even identifying a stranger with a child who may be homeless and asking them if they can use the help would be an excellent way to demonstrate true kindness.