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Oh good, you’re laughing already! I know you think that it is a silly excuse to have a holiday but think about it! Laughing helps in everything. It even helps in tediously dry and boring moments. Don’t tell me you haven’t had the rogue giggle attack in a moment of seriousness! Have you ever had to excuse yourself just to leave the room before that giggle attack takes over? Heaven help you if your friend is in the room. You do know that a friend in close proximity increases the potency of those giggles, right?

History of Laugh and Get Rich Day

The creation of Laugh and Get Rich Day had only your best interest at heart. The day is about encouraging laughter so that the effects can be felt across all areas of life. Science has proven that laughter actually can be medicine. Those who are in pain or suffering from chronic illness can increase the production of endorphins. When the body releases endorphins the result is a lift in mood and a decrease in pain. This is the basis for what might be accomplished on Laugh and Get Rich Day.

How to celebrate Laugh and Get Rich Day

Is the pace and stress of life getting you down? Feeling like there isn’t time left in the day to get all of the things on your to-do list done? You are not alone! Take a moment, you can do it, and see how to celebrate Laugh and Get Rich Day. Just a chuckle isn’t going to cut it, for this holiday we need that deep laugh to come out. What can make you laugh so hard you get tears in your eyes? Plan a date and hit your local comedy club with your friends.

Strengthen your friendship and make some memories while letting laughter lift your spirits! When you are happy and full of laughter you are able to handle your life better and stresses in it. When your job, schedule or family begin to add to the demands on your time you will be able to see how to make it all work with ease. How does this relate to Laugh and Get Rich Day? Well, that is very simple.

When you are laughing, you are more creative. When you are more creative you can think of ideas and ways to help you be more productive at work. This makes you a more valuable asset to your employer and could earn you a raise! If you are especially creative, being happy and healthy might even lead you to the birth of a unique idea that you could follow all the way to the bank! Find that one idea that can start to make a name for yourself.

Just by celebrating Laugh and Get Rich Day, you might be able to do exactly just that! Take your idea, your increased productivity and you’re less stressed out mind and body and Laugh and Get Rich!

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