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Considering a purchase or needing a service but not quite sure which direction to take? Of course, most people would prefer to ask a friend or family member with actual experience, but when the product or service hasn’t been tried by someone known, they tend to turn to online reviews. 

When businesses are open to receiving and engaging with online customer feedback, whether positive or negative, many opportunities present themselves to improve products, grow customer loyalty or provide better services. Leave a Review Day is here to encourage all of this and much more!

History of Leave a Review Day

With its inaugural celebration in 2023, Leave a Review Day got started through initiatives by the company, Reputation, which is an industry leader in reputation experience management. Sometimes called National Leave a Review Day, this event was launched at Reputation’s annual event called Transform ‘23, in collaboration with the software company, G2.

The idea behind Leave a Review Day stemmed from the awareness that people’s opinions in the marketplace matter. When a person leaves a review for a business, product or service, it allows them to share their voice and promotes healthy opportunities for improvement.

Customer feedback gives companies and businesses the information they need to understand what their customers think and consider any adjustments and corrections. At the same time, Leave a Review Day works to empower consumers to make informed decisions based on the opinions of real people and their true experiences.

Obviously, Leave a Review Day isn’t the only time to give feedback. But it does act as a good reminder to promote the idea of leaving a review and raising awareness about how important customer feedback really is!

How to Celebrate Leave a Review Day

Make those opinions known and use that voice to give feedback in honor of Leave a Review Day. Check out some of these ideas for observing and participating in this day:

Leave a Review

The main purpose of Leave a Review Day is to encourage individuals to give their feedback online. Consumers can consider businesses where they received excellent products and services and show some appreciation. And they can also advise others when their experience was less-than to help others know what to expect and hopefully, give the company an opportunity to improve.

Encourage Customer Feedback

Businesses, whether large or small, can take Leave a Review Day as an opportunity to remind their customers how much they value their feedback. Encouraging folks to share their thoughts and experiences through genuine channels can foster community and celebrate everyone’s voice.

It is important to remember that businesses and managers who encourage customers to leave feedback should be sure to follow up. If the feedback leaves room for improvement, then engage with the customer online and find ways to make things better. And if the feedback is positive, be sure to thank them for their review and encourage them to be patrons in the future.

Read a Review

Those who are looking for advice about a product or service can take a look at some useful review websites and make their purchasing decision based on customer feedback. It’s a great tool for making informed choices – and it then presents another opportunity to leave a review!

For another opportunity related to this one, check out Write a Review Day, celebrated in May.  

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