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I don’t really have any regrets because if I choose not to do something there is usually a very good reason. Once I’ve made the decision I don’t view it as a missed opportunity, just a different path.

Andrew Lincoln

Everyone has probably experienced those different sets of nagging regrets and grudges that tug at their souls for weeks, months or even years. It doesn’t even matter how much time has passed after the people, jobs or situations which once made them important ceased to be part of their life. It can still be so very hard to let go of these things.

Sure, there may have been a time in life when it felt important to take every opportunity to demonstrate to that ex, former workmate or classmate how well things were going without them. But isn’t it finally time to move on and let go of all of those negative emotions that tend to drag everything down?

That is exactly what National Let It Go Day is all about! A national day when people all over the world can be intentional about taking the brave step to cast away all those hang-ups from a previous chapter in life and start fresh.

It’s time to celebrate National Let It Go Day!

History of National Let It Go Day

Regrets are not particularly useful to anyone. They tend to weigh on people’s consciences and leave them with a deficit of joy, often at a time when those who have been wronged have long since forgotten them. Even if the other person hasn’t offered forgiveness, it is an important step toward healing for people to learn to forgive themselves. This helps with the process of moving forward without guilt or bitterness and allows people to endeavor to live a better life in the future.

National Let It Go Day is one of a bevy of holidays created by Thomas and Ruth Roy of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs. They knew the difficulty of living with a pocketful of regrets that can haunt a person during every quiet hour, and knew that letting them go was the only way to find peace and contentment in their own lives.

So it was for this reason that National Let It Go Day was created, with the intention of encouraging others throughout the world to also let go of their regrets and forgive themselves for actions taken in the past.

How To Celebrate National Let It Go Day

National Let It Go Day is the perfect occasion to stop wasting so much energy on negative feelings from the past and instead focus on building a positive future. Consider these (serious and silly) ways to enjoy this day and foster personal freedom:

Set Intention with a Letting Go Practice

Write down a list of the things that are regrettable, and spend some time letting them go. To do this, simply work on trying to relax and let that guilt and fear vanish from the moment and, eventually from the whole of life.

One example of a way to symbolize this is by throwing that list into a fire to watch them burn. Let the smoke and embers carry those worries to the sky and wind, where they’ll be erased.

Consider these other aspects of life that might prove beneficial by letting go of them: fear, holding grudges, guilt, regrets, the past, excuses and toxic people who just make life miserable. Set an intention to release these things from life and then practice it. Little by little, they will fly away and life will be much lighter, happier and more resilient without them.

Watch The Film Frozen 

Sure, it’s a children’s Disney animated film, but the application is still true and the song sung by one of the main characters rings out: “Let it go! Let it go….!”

The main character, Elsa, is trying to let go of the inhibitions she has faced in secret that have isolated her for years. The song is about Elsa finding freedom to stop holding herself up to someone else’s standards.

Many groups in society have identified with Elsa’s plight, including people with disabilities, eating disorders, chemical additions, autism and even those in prison. These folks have found hope through the idea that this character was fighting to overcome a struggle and the shame associated with it. Maybe this is the perfect film to watch, alone or with friends, and be inspired by on Let it Go Day!

Hang Some Inspiring ‘Let It Go’ Decor 

Sometimes people need little reminders in their daily lives to keep them moving in the right direction. While National Let It Go Day is a great start, it’s only the beginning of practicing a lifestyle and a mindset of being empowered and unashamed.

Since these things can be easily forgotten, go ahead and use National Let It Go Day to create some reminders that will move forward throughout the other days of the year. Whether it’s something as simple as hanging a poster of Disney’s Elsa singing the song, or painting a canvas filled with inspirational ideas, use this day to set a reminder.

Try these ideas for future reminders to Let It Go:

  • Pop a new screen saver or wallpaper onto that smartphone, tablet or laptop. Choose one with an inspirational quote that is a reminder of what’s important about letting go of all that is unhealthy or unproductive.
  • Create a collage using magazine pictures and words that help act as a sort of art therapy for walking through the past and moving on in the future.
  • Make a playlist that contains songs centered around the idea of letting it go, then listen to it when feeling down or discouraged.

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