Pencil, pen, felt tip or chalk, Draw a Picture of a Bird Day is great fun for everyone. It’s very straightforward: simply draw a picture of a bird in tribute to our feathered friends, but if you fancy some diversity there’s actually a wide range of options.

Will you draw a chicken or a chaffinch? Perhaps a peacock, penguin or puffin? If you’d prefer a goose, will it be of the Canadian, Red-breasted, Woods-walking or Spur-winged variety? And you’d be amazed by how many types of hawk there are prowling the skies!

If you’d like to learn more about birds, we recommend this Wikipedia entry, but if you’d rather just have a bit of fun and get arty, why not share this occasion with your friends, family and coworkers? Have a competition to see who can draw the best or funniest bird, cover your fridge in sketches, find a chalkboard and create a beautiful aerial scene of spiraling swifts and swallows, or simply pop a little cartoon birdy on your hand and introduce it to strangers on the bus.

And, being an ornithological day, it’s the perfect opportunity to tweet, so make sure to use the hashtag #drawapictureofabirdday when sharing your creativity with the Twitterverse!

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Every April 8th

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